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Date: September 2019
GM: Andrew G
In-Game Location: TBD
OOG Location: TBD

"I'm going to burn the world..." -Anonymous

Dark Frontier Game 2:

"Dead Man's Hand"

Date: March/April 2015
GM: Dave Miner
In-Game Location: A Saloon and countryside near Heaven, CA
OOG Location: March/April: Miner Residence, N Hollywood CA, March/April: Sage Ranch Campground, Simi Valley CA

Online Tease: The body of Boyd "Chance" Hamilton was loaded on the stagecoach and returned to the town of Heaven. The Sheriff made good on the reward, which was split fairly between the Posse members that claimed it. the Sheriff also reminded the Posse and others that there were big rewards for the remaining 10 members of the Reed Outlaw Gang, in case they wanted to pursue them as well.

The survivors of the night at the Trading Post were troubled by the things they saw. The Irishman Liam stayed in Heaven for several days, talking to those that sought more information and he was pleased to share some of his knowledge.

Strange things still seem to be afoot in this area of the Wild West. And the Black Robed Monk remains a mystery.

People gathered at the local saloon to ponder their future, drink away their cares, or drown their sorrows. And maybe play a few hands of cards.

OOG Info:
We are headed back to the Dark Mysterious Wild West. More strange events near the town of Heaven.



Date: TBD
GM: Andrew G
In-Game Location: Nost'Kare
OOG Location: TBD


Dark Frontier Convention Game

DF Untitled

Date: September 2015

GM: Dave Miner
In-Game Location: Somewhere on the Colorado River
OOG Location: Wyrd Con 6, Hilton, Costa Mesa CA

Online Tease: TBA

OOG Info:


Campaign Game:

Campaign Overnight Game

Date: June 13th - 14th, 2014

GM: Jason Ryan
Contact Email: ClanMcDuck at gmail
Facebook: Jason on Facebook

In-Game Location: TBD
OOG Location: TBD

Teaser: TBD

OOG Info:
This will be an overnight game with camping and after-dark, plot-related roleplay. NPCs gladly accepted.

More info forthcoming!

"Uprising" - Part Two

Date:TBA, Online RP - ongoing
GMs: Dave Chamberlain, Andrew Elkins
In-Game Location: The remains of the Geoffrey Estate, eastern Karandia.
OOG Location: Sage Ranch


The signs have been there. The warnings were there. The threat was real and present. Now that you are it too late?
Karandia? Have you been paying attention? Because it's your turn now. Talons, Karandian military, and civilians, it's time to sign-on and prepare for the Oncoming Storm.

This will be "Day Two" of the original "Uprising" game which was postponed due to extreme weather conditions. Players that were unable to attend "Day One" are welcome to join us for the conclusion of this game.


"They're More Like Guidelines" - Pirate Inn

Date: Warm Weather 2013
GM: Constance Chamberlain
In-Game Location: The Muddy Mermaid, Fer Garruth
OOG Location: Akkerman Home, Wildomar CA

One-line-tease: Pirates from the free ports of Xaria gather to drink, fight, gamble, and enjoy a pool and hot springs.


The continued unrest and disrupted trade routes overland bring plenty of pickings to those who prowl the southern seas of Xaria. Several of the more powerful pirate captains have called a truce meeting at the Muddy Mermaid to discuss territories, strategies, and set down a 'code' for their crews. Located on a rare patch of good soil on the southern tip of Fer Garruth, the Mermaid is a safe place for freetraders to take port away from official Naval intrusions as well as rampaging barbarians.

OOG Notes: Pirate Pool Party! Bring disposable characters, bathing suits, food, drink, and your weaponry.

Campaign Game:

"Last Defense"

Date: May?
In-Game Location: Embattled border of Doro Y'Edhel
GM: Mike Budzik & Aaron Lyle

Campaign Game:

"Invitaion de la Foi"

Date: May or June
In-Game Location:
Begins - Le Port Divine, Gallura
Ends - ?
GM: Kevin Thomas & Aaron Lyle

One-Line Tease: Invitations of urgency and import have been sent to prominent Xarian experts specialists, authorities in many fields. Little reason is given, but the originator cannot be ignored…

OOG Notes: If you are interested in playing and/or you have a character who has recently saved Xaria from some or any of the following:

Contagious Plagues
Legions of Drow
Day Walking Drow
Drow Ninjas
the Three Peaks Accord
the Sequestrum
King Voleck
King Ank or any of his Horde
Ancient Veldron
A Daemon Portal
Necromancers trying to open Daemon Portals
Necromancers trying to create Ogre-Veldron Highbreds
Necromancers trying to lease Doro’Yedel
Necromancers trying to marry Olivia Goslar
Creepy Zoidberg Monsters or their Creepy Red Babies
the Zombie Apocalypse
Death Knights
The Elven Scourge
Blood Thirsty Acolites of Vorak
Blood Thirsty Talons
Blood Thirsty followers of Sheila

Please, contact Aaron Lyle.