The story so far...


After having encountered the Consortium Arbiter Graymar, as well as several references and articles of text referring to the age called the Consortium, Tarrik Phinlaos Aldarion, of Karandia, sends letters to close friends inviting them on a quest. Those interested in searching out ancient knowledge, or aiding the quest were invited to join Tarrik at "the Crimson Wolf Inn" in Grinara, Rynith.

“The Open Door”


Eager to begin his quest for Consortium knowledge, Tarrik is joined by his friends and allies at "the Crimson Wolf Inn."

The Quest Party begins as a diverse band of Knights, Rogues and everything in between. Risha, a leonine beastman, joins Tarrik as a matter of honor to defend his friend. The Veldron Council assigned knights, Mordekai and Owen to aid and watch Tarrik, lest he should be corrupted by the knowledge he learns. Devon, a druid from Gherin Culloch, joined the Quest to help keep the natural order. Daemir du Gul's knowledge of Rune Magik brought him to the Quest as an indispensable ally. The only one to join the quest as a paid member was Peralton, the guide.

The Quest Party, led through the Rynith patrols by Peralton, traveled up Mt. Altos with little difficulty. They sought to question Graymar, a creature that existed since the days of the Consortium. When they arrived at the summit, they found that Graymar had left recently and the contingent of soldiers guarding the area were decimated.

Even though they were hindered by the Rynith Guard and both Knights were slain and resurrected, they gained valuable information at the magikal area where Graymar had spent centuries waiting.

Aadkar, magikal creatures from an ancient Consortium land called Yl'Sen, arrived to investigate the departure of Graymar.
Though duties kept him occupied in Doro Y'Edhel, as the Drow war waged, Kyril Fëanor sent another Black Rose Knight, his son, Vadric.

As the Quest Party was preparing to depart, they were delayed by the arrival of Captain Roche and Vladimir Souska, a Rynith Court Wizard. The Questors narrowly escaped.

The Quest Party picked up the Arbiter’s path after avoiding the Rynith Guard search parties.

Progress was often halted by the overly active Rynith troops. True to his word, Captain Roche of the Rynith Guard locked the borders, and put prices on the heads of the party. The foul winter weather did nothing to help either. There were several days in succession when the group simply did not leave their traveling shelters due to blizzard.

The only reason the Quest Party escaped Rynith was the skill and knowledge of their guide, Peralton.


The party can no longer follow Graymar’s trail. He walked a straight path into the heart of the Badlands. The winter season brings constant wind and sandstorms to the barren desert. They cannot pass.

They choose to circumvent the Badlands, hoping that they may both hear of Graymar’s passing, or pick up the trail where he leaves the desert.

Since winter makes the northern route around the Badlands treacherous, Peralton leads the group along the southern edge of the unforgiving desert, through Halgudar, where they are attacked by Halgudar troops and Badland raiders.

When the path turns north toward Lindora, Daemir leaves the party to continue west to Quivera. He has been summoned by his mentor for reasons he cannot explain. In parting, he promises to decipher the rune left by Graymar and have the translation delivered to Tarrik.


Peralton’s path leads through Lindora to finally come to a rest in Palrim. Here, they are stopped by weather and lack of information.

The Veldron Knights are recognized by the nation of Palrim, so the party chooses the small town of Shaula to winter. Here they await both news of Graymar and the spring thaw.


The High Council of the Veldron Order sends word to Mordekai and Owen in Palrim. The Council requires their presence and asks for the presence of Tarrik as well. They mean to discuss and reach a decision regarding the current quest.

Tarrik, Owen and Mordekai journey to the Citadel of Veldron, where a decision regarding the Knights presence on the Quest is reached. The Council decides that Mordekai will continue on his quest to find the Godstone and Owen will undertake the quest to learn all he can of the Consortium.

“The Unforeseen Path”


The spring thaw comes late, right on the heels of news that Graymar was seen in the land of Lindora, headed west.
A Veldron messenger brings word to the remaining members of the Quest, who are still in Shaula. They are to pack their gear and rendezvous with Tarrik, Owen and Mordekai on the road to Turin.

Peralton, Risha, Devon and Vadric leave the town of Shaula, traveling south on the road to Turin.

Due to the uncovering of an ancient Consortium map in the ghost town of McGrath, the Quest Party discovers that the path Graymar takes points to Chalter Medrium.

The Acolytes of Vorak, a small but deadly religious order from Icara, received visions of Tarrik and his quest. They nearly kill him, but are thwarted in the end by Tarrik's allies.

Devon chooses to remain in Palrim and journey to the Sacred Wood. There he hopes to speak with the Sage Council and commune with the very powerful natural force of the Woods.

Travelers attempt to join the Quest, Tarrik and others are hesitant to accept. Among them is Sarrag, a minotaur that claims to have knowledge of the bygone era of the Consortium. Also among those present is Toryn Farr, known as "the man in black," and a death mage named Thayla. Eventually, these would-be questors are left behind in the Palrim city of Turin.

MAY 497

Because of Vadric and the beliefs of the rest of the Quest Party, they must travel north through Gesnor avoiding the currently hostile Dakkor. From Furud (in Gesnor), the party heads southwest through Telumar and a corner of Icara. They do so, feeling that speed in reaching their destination outweighs the possibility of encounters with the Acolytes of Vorak.

The Quest Party arrives in Chalter Medrium after nearly six weeks of forced marching. They discover that Graymar sat in the center of a small town named Medrus for three days, only to leave one hour prior to their arrival.

They waste no time in following his trail, but it leads to a dead end at a stone archway. Here Graymar's trail goes cold. A local tells the Quest Party that he saw the minotaur stop at the archway, say something, enter and disappear in a flash.

Tarrik transcribes the runes found on the archway. The Quest Party takes a much deserved rest in the woods nearby while Tarrik studies the runes. During this rest, it is discovered that Graymar, moving through the realms has awakened several ancient creatures. The Quest Party is forced to rid the woods of one of these creatures, called a Croon, with the aid of other travelers.

JUNE 497

The unexpected arrival of a Black Rose Knight named Manasseh is followed by Vadric's departure from the group. The Elven High Council has sent word that Vadric is to return and report of Tarrik's discoveries and is to be replaced by Manasseh.

Another surprise comes in the belated response to one of Tarrik's letters requesting aid, sent in September of 496. An Elf warrior named Faylynn Lark arrives carrying a letter of response from Marataabi, the Goblin Slayer. Marataabi sends her regrets along with Faylynn, whom she suggests to take her place.

With no leads to follow Graymar's trail, the Quest Party heads northward. According to their Consortium map, they expect to find another Arena here in Chalter Medrium.

The going is very slow; the Chalter Medrium Army was recently mobilized to this portion of the nation. Rumors say that they are sent to secure the stone archway.

To avoid detection, the Quest Party rests for a time in the small city of Nasus Glen.

"The New Arena"

JULY 497

The Quest Party is unable to wait any longer. Taking a circuitous and slow route, they head toward the area they believe the Arena of Bolcora to be, located in the heart of Chalter Medrium. The troops guarding this Arena eventually allow the questors to enter and speak to the Arbiter, known as Tyrus. After this, Tyrus falls into a state of meditation.

The Quest Party is met by an old friend of Tarrik's, Gault Fernwood. Tarrik, Devon, and Gault discuss the nature of Arbiters. The next morning, the Aadkar that were encountered in Rynith arrive and attempt to depart with Tyrus. Tyrus destroys the Aadkar and leaves, walking off the mountain.

Later that day, Gault follows Tyrus through the magikal Arch into Rynith.

The quest party suffers a painful blow when Manasseh is killed by goblins, though he is resurrected in time. Shortly after this, Owen and Mordekai are recalled when Martin, a Knight from the Veldron Council arrives. Owen departs with the Knight, but Mordekai refuses. Tarrik, blaming himself for all things befalling his comrades, leaves unnoticed.

Devon escorts a Chalter Medrium scribe to the nearby town of Josten. From there, Devon and Faylynn travel to Doro Y'Edhel to seek the aid of the Elves.

Peralton, followed by Mordekai finally find Tarrik and together they return to the Arch. There, they find a contingent of Chalter Medrium soldiers slain by Tyrus.

After burying the dead and studying the Archway once more, they are rejoined by Risha and Manasseh. They could not remain here, as Chalter Medrium reinforcements are near.


Unknown to the members of the quest, Tyrus arrives in Rynith, assesses the fact that Graymar has left his Arena, and departs.

Manasseh, Mordekai, Peralton, Risha, and Tarrik travel north through Icara battling frequent attacks from the Acolytes of Vorak. They have difficulty passing through Telumar and into Gesnor. Pressing on, the rest of the party convinces Mordekai not to return to Citadel Veldron to defend his actions. The party cites the need for haste and the proximity of enemies.


Devon and Faylynn arrive in Doro Y'Edhel and make their plea to the Elven High Council. The Council informs them that their timing is unfortunate. Because of the war and recent death of the King, it will be some time before the Council can effectively aid the quest. In a token of aid, the Council bestows a gift for Faylynn to return with to the quest party, and they transport Devon to his second destination, Gherin Culloch.

Faylynn begins the second of her tasks, and journeys to Irroquin to contact old allies of Tarrik for information and potential help.

Risha separates from the Party to journey ahead to Collosum, Thorin. He seeks knowledge and answers that the Dwarves may possess regarding things the party has encountered. The Dwarves are reluctant to help Risha. They tell him that they will try to locate the answers that Tarrik seeks, but it will not be quick.

The remainder of the quest party attempt to enter the Badlands to search for another arena. They fail. Eventually, they arrive in Akkoria, seemingly Tarrik's only haven. Here they will try to arrange passage to Shorn to seek the Arena of Varuun indicated on their Consortium map.

"The Lost Quest"

"The Distant Land"


At the Broken Keg, in Kor Olancha, Akkoria, the Quest Party meets with allies, both old and new, who are destined to play a pivotal part in their quest.

Yet another old friend of Tarrik's is present. Gideon is a native of Shorn and offers to guide them while on the island. Two Veldron Knights, Cedric and Gabriel, arrive to replace Mordekai, who is to journey back to Citadel Veldron with Nils, a member of the Veldron Council.

A chance encounter with Keyandra, a mage claiming to be from Bel Juddhat, leads Tarrik's party across the Azarin Straight and onto the island of Shorn, once again on the path of Graymar. There, they come across the Arena of Varuun, and encounter their third Arbiter, Maglon.

Maglon provides new insight about the Arbiters and bestows a bundle of papers to Tarrik. Maglon then leaves the Arena "to perform a much higher judgment."


Gideon guides the quest party to the rebuilding fortress city of Bel Juddhat, where they part ways with Keyandra. From there they travel north to Gideon's home in Votla. The questors rest for several days, intending to winter safely there. Votla sentries turn up dead and Tarrik's group suspect the man in black, Toryn Farr, who has been following them since April of 497. Citing this, and his need to research throughout the winter, Tarrik and party thank Gideon and his family for their hospitality and depart with Gideon and an escort of Votla clansmen for safety. The men of Votla ensure that Tarrik reaches the western ports, then return home.


In the first few days of the month, they arrange passage on an Akkorian merchant vessel off the west coast of Shorn. They are brought to Port Kurastan, where they sail on an Irroquin schooner which sets them aground on the southwest shore of Doro Y'Edhel. The quest party travels to Dun Y'Estel to appeal to use of the Libraries of Arcanum, Elders, and Wisdom.


After brief discussion, the Elven High Council, agrees to allow Tarrik limited, supervised access to their Libraries, as they are otherwise occupied.

During his winter research, Tarrik discovers that the Arbiters are performing ancient commands, to be followed only when certain criteria are met. The Arbiters are slowly learning that the Consortium no longer exists. They were given standing orders to Judge the civilization that replaced the Consortium and if found unworthy, they were to destroy it. Knowing full well the power that the Arbiters wield, Tarrik's quest takes on a new meaning.

Mordekai's recusation by the Council takes place and he is found to be fulfilling his duties honorably and to the best of his ability.


In his route to rejoin the Quest, Mordekai sets himself a new task. He journeys to the badlands and nearing his last breath, stumbles upon the Arena of Serren, in the heart of the desert. The Arbiter Antavis questions him and leaves the Arena.

During the winter Risha and Manasseh fought in the Drow conflict that raged across the borders of Doro Y'Edhel.
Peralton spent the winter in Nost'Karé where he searches for maps that can aid the quest.

Devon returns to Gherin Culloch.


The Quest reassembles in Dun Y'Estel and prepares and resupplies for their new journey.

"The Changing Goal"


The quest party leaves Dun Y'Estel, headed for the Arch in Chalter Medrium. Manasseh remains behind at the request of the Elven Queen, while Devon sought other counsel. The rest travel through Doro Y'Edhel witnessing the horrors of war, but are uninvolved with the conflicts there.

As they pass the border of the Elven forest, they are attacked by a band of four Elven archers. Tarrik is wounded as well as Cedric of Veldron, more seriously. The party defends itself, but the Elves escape without injury. Cedric tells the others to go on, that he will catch up with them at the meeting site with Peralton.

The Quest Party meets a group of seemingly mad mages who claim to know Tarrik and accuse him of slaying one of their own. Shortly after this dire announcement, they disappear. Risha is confronted by his former employer, Kraysipher, and his mercenaries. The group nearly slays Risha before being dispatched. Owen of Veldron returns to the party as Tarrik meets with Princess Bianca of Karandia, who wishes to aid and join his party. A small force of Drow priestesses attack with ensorcelled monsters and the Quest Party barely survives. Thayla, who had recently found the Quest Party again, was slain, then resurrected by Risha.

MAY 498

To appease their ever-growing paranoia, and for her own safety, they leave Princess Bianca behind. They also leave Thayla once again.

Meeting with Peralton, the group hobbles back to the safety of a Chalter Medrium camp. The Quest members take time to heal their wounds, both physical and mental before moving on to spend the remainder of the month at a farm.

"The Waiting Arch"

JUNE 498

The Quest Party travels through the war-torn countryside of Chalter Medrium, to once again study the Arch there.

Acolytes of Vorak approach the Party, again attempting to kill Tarrik. Cedric of Veldron, also an Acolyte, challenges the leader of the Acolytes to single combat, for control of this group. The fight ends in a full scale melee, and the Acolytes are defeated.

During this time, Crow, the right-hand minion of Ghirtab, Lord of the Dark Fey, transports Devon away. Crow offers Devon a deal to release his captive sister. Devon struggles with the offer but eventually refuses.

After bargaining with the Chalter Medrium soldiers, Tarrik casts the spell that opens the magikal gate. The hesitant Party steps through the Arch as the Chalter Medrium forces are overrun by Drow.

Tarrik and his companions step out of the Arch into a Rynith encampment. The Rynith Guards make quick work of the disoriented party. They are captured and later interrogated by the officers present, including Captain Roche, Commander Blackthorne and Court Wizard Zadroz Darkwyrd. The following morning Blackthorne and Roche arrange the escape of Tarrik's Group with the aid of Guards who understand the severity of the quest. The other Guards are killed. The Party is reunited with Mordekai and Sarrag, who led Mordekai from the Badlands. They depart for the western border of Rynith, where troops are conveniently arranged by the Commander to allow the party to escape.

JULY 498

The Quest Party travels through the fighting in Halgudar. They eventually make their way to Lake Cymfal and pay heavily to hire a ship. They arrange to be taken around the southeastern coast of Xaria, north to Akkoria and inland, upriver to Kor Chercen.

"The Severed Ties"


Once well within Kor Chercen, the group disembarks. They head to where they believe they will find Bornu-Lien, the ancient Consortium capital of Altos. During their search, Tarrik is confronted by members of the Karandian Mage Guild, Peralton is captured, and Risha and Sarrag are killed by new Aadkar of Yl'Sen. Though Risha is resurrected, the party is at odds deciding if he should remain due to the oath given to the Aadkar.

The quest party learns of many deaths and dire news throughout the land, including the death of their friend, Gault. Evidence at the place where Gault was murdered leads Akkorian officials to suspect Tarrik.
Tarrik and the remainder of the quest make haste to Ravinsport. There they reunite with Peralton, who has hired the only ship available in the port, "the Seagull." Passage was booked to Yentar, completely depleting the funds that the party had. To meet the Captain's price, Tarrik must create magikal scrolls for the duration of the trip, and the rest of the party serves as crew, swabbing decks and working the galley.

The Seagull sets sail for Yentar.


Throughout the journey Manasseh is ill from the ship's motion. Pirates storm the Seagull. During the fray, they loot the hold for valuables, Owen is struck by a poisoned blade, and Devon is taken back to the pirate ship. The Captain could not be persuaded, nor coerced to give chase. The Seagull sailed on. Throughout the journey Manasseh is ill from the ship's motion.

Pirates storm the Seagull. During the fray, they loot the hold for valuables, Owen is struck by a poisoned blade, and Devon is taken back to the pirate ship. The Captain could not be persuaded, nor coerced to give chase.

The Seagull sailed on.


A fire breaks out in the galley and is quenched after destroying most of the dried goods.

Nearing the southern coast of Asargo, the decks are swarmed by Sharkmen led by Selachian. Their ferocity nearly overwhelms the ship. They are narrowly repelled by the crew and the Quest Party.

"The Bitter Prize"


Having taken many losses, the Seagull limps to a small, remote port, where the crew sets at repairs while they wait for the return of Tarrik and the Quest Party.

The party hikes through the northern end of the Yentar peninsula. Angus Belch and Gregory Jasper, old allies of Tarrik, join forces with the remainder of Tarrik's party. There, they encounter the Shou Fu order of monks, who inadvertently reunite them with the Mad Mages. After much talk, the Godstone is taken from Arlynn by Peralton, who then uses it to control those present. He reveals that he is Primor, impersonating Peralton since the time the guide was captured in August.

Primor uses the Godstone to force Tarrik to travel with him, and the rest of the party to remain, while he made good his escape. The Godstone's hold over Risha is broken, and he follows Primor and Tarrik's trail.

The following day, when the effects of the Godstone wear off, the quest members regain their sensibility and head for the bay where the "Seagull" was anchored. When they arrive, there is no sign of Primor, Tarrik, Risha, or the ship.


The Quest party, with their new allies spend time with the Order of Shou Fu learning of their philosophies. After a few weeks, they leave the sanctuary of the Order.

They arrive in the Yentanese port city of Kamashi, intent on finding more information on the new lands they are in.

With the rest of the money they had, Samira, Henri, Jasper and Angus book passage on the merchant ship "Walking Crane" bound for Nost'Karé. They carry messages back to Xaria; one for Mordekai and Owen, and another for Manasseh.


Mordekai, Owen, and Manasseh, who comprise the remainder of the Quest Party, spend their time searching for clues to ruins and Consortium remnants. Little is discovered and they spend their time using their skills and abilities to earn coin for passage.


Mid month, with great reluctance, the Yentanese merchant/fishing ship "Sakanaya-Maru," bound for Nost'Karé, takes on Mordekai, Owen, and Manasseh as crew and defenders, taking the rest of their coin and a promissory notes to pay for their passage. The three knights spend nearly every day netting, gutting and cleaning fish. Once again, Manasseh has difficulty with the motion of the sea. The voyage west is complicated by weather.

"The Unlikely Ally"


On the evening of the 26th of March the "Sakanaya-Maru" arrives in the Nost'Karéan port of Sueche. After the long voyage and substantial lack of funds, the trio that make up the quest arrange for a night's stay at "The Forked Tongue." There, the party is reunited with Samira, Henri, and Angus the allies they met in Yentar as well as a new ally, Zachary. Rejoining them carrying information from the Karandian Griffin of Lore, is Vadric. Pernum Darkstorme tells them many tales of a man calling himself Primor.

The Quest Party discovers that Angus is carrying the spirit of the ancient wizard named Chump. Chump has similar goals as the Quest Party, his dating back more than a decade.

The quest party encounters Haggard Dye at a caravan waystation. The previous night at the Inn they had heard tales which indicated that Haggard was once under the employ of Primor and knows where Primor's retreat may be. They entreat, bribe and persuade his aid in locating the home of Primor. Reluctantly, the party accepts Haggard into their protection so that he may lead them to a place where Tarrik may be held captive.


In northernmost Nost'Karé, the questors visit Culog's Bazaar and resupply themselves for the perilous weeks ahead. Chump/Angus takes his leave of the group and heads east through Myere, then north toward Kor Mydrin.

The path of the quest members takes them several days into Rynith. After reaching a familiar point, Haggard begins their trek southwest.
The Rynith presence is very strong, due to several recent events within the country. The quest members engage multiple patrols and the journey is difficult.

"The Converging Point"

MAY 499

The path that Haggard leads the quest on takes them through a Halgudarian battlefront and on into Fer-Garruth.

Traveling through Fer Garruth, to the hidden fortress of Primor, the party is beset upon by Barbarians and a strange group of soldiers from a far off land called Dominia. The Dominians are apparently brokering deals with the Barbarians. Brianna, a Left Hand of Vorak, joins the party to protect Tarrik.

Risha rejoins the party after a long and arduous winter. Among his trials was an encounter with yet another Arbiter named Muata. Muata removed Risha to Tarnaal to question him.

Haggard Dye leads them on their journey to confront Primor. The Quest Party encounters a group of righteous Elves that have left their homeland intent on meting out justice to those responsible for the Elven Genocide of 495. To the party's surprise, this group is in the midst of holding a "trial" for Tarrik. After a skirmish, the Quest Party recovers Tarrik and loses Vadric. Haggard is killed by the Elves.

The questors travel through Halgudar, accompanied by William Oliver, the Karandian Griffin of Lore.

JUNE 499

Upon reaching the southern coast of Halgudar, the party separates to pursue other means to prevent the Apocalypse.

Mordekai and Brianna travel west to find more information on Primor's activities, eventually arriving Irroquin. Brianna receives a Blood Vision and departs to Icara to rebuild the Acolytes. Her vision told her that in the months to follow the Judgment, the Bloodfaith would be needed in the times of upheaval regardless of the outcome.

The Griffin of Lore provides passage on his ship for some of the quest. Tarrik, Manasseh, Risha, and Zachary, along with Cass, disembark on the coast of Doro Y'Edhel.

The Griffin and Owen continue on to Karandia.

"The Falling Sand"

JULY 499

After completing their individual tasks, the quest members travel to gather again at the Arena of Bolcora in Chalter Medrium. Once there, the Quest members review all that they have learned, including the location of Judgment. With their knowledge, they conclude that they must travel to the distant island where Yl'Sen once stood, to be present at the Judgment of the Arbiters.

Gault surprises Tarrik and others by arriving at the Arena, accompanied by the same Akkorian Herald that brought the news of his death. Gault talks with the Quest members and delivers a final important key of information to the Questors.

Blackthorne leaves with Thayla to track down more allies and hunt for the last piece of the Diamond Amulet.

Through his old contacts in Chalter Medrium, Zachary tries to arrange passage top the Arch. The party learns that they cannot approach the Arch until the 11th of September.


The Quest Party travels from the empty Arena to the family home of Angus to formulate their strategy and await access to the Arch.
Risha leaves to search out the Rynith Underground and a thief named Ren, who may have information on the Diamond Amulet and knowledge of Primor, Duarte, and Tirtian.

"The Tenth Arena"


The Quest Party is met by adversarial Chalter Medrium Guards at the Arch. With the unexpected assistance of Roche and other Rynith expatriates acting under Blackthorne's orders, the Quest and allies gain control of the Arch. After successfully reaching the place of Judgment in Dominia, the Quest Party prepares for the arrival of the Arbiters. The Quest Party and others, who have been selected by the Arbiters to testify about their experiences, are met by Magnus Rex, the Undying King of Dominia. The area is beset by problems until the Arbiters arrive, at which time Magnus Rex is revealed to be an Arbiter as well. The Arbiters forge the Tenth Arena and the process of Judgment takes place.

On the second day of Judgment, Tarrik speaks in behalf of civilization. Jaeden Stancliffe, also known as Primor, arrives with his loyal followers. Jaeden enters the Arena and speaks his part. He is challenged by Tarrik and the debate for the fate of civilization takes place in the Arena while outside, Jaeden's men kill the remainder of the Quest Party and their allies.

Tarrik's arguments and explanations makes the Arbiters realize that they no longer have a place in the new world. They also discover that the Consortium fell because of their own blind ambition. They conclude that their law no longer applies to the new self-governing lands that have long since replaced the Consortium.

Judgment is averted and the Arbiters cast a final spell to resurrect the destroyed corpses of the Quest Party and their allies, giving them one final chance at life. The Arbiters gather the Consortium artifacts present and take Jaeden Stancliffe with them through the Arch into the Absence.

Mordekai's resurrection is short lived. He follows the Arbiter and makes his plea to Maglon regarding his quest for the Godstone. He touches the Godstone then dies. The Quest Party says their good-byes to Mordekai then turn his body into a tree upon the spot he fell.

The Quest Party gathers the rest of the people that were displaced to the Final Judgment. When all are located, they camp for an additional day celebrating the success of the quest.

The following day, when the magik allows all to pass, Tarrik activates the Arch and everyone arrives in Chalter Medrium. Here many depart the company of the quest members.

The remainder of the Quest Party travel to Dun Y'Estel to speak to the Elven Council. They are received immediately upon arrival and the tale of the recent months and the Judgment is told.

With the quest behind them and a bright future, the questors part ways.


Time passes and those who knew of the prophesied doom rejoice and relax. Seers can now look past the veil of the apocalypse.

Life continues for Xaria and the rest of the Lands.

"The Final Toast"


As promised, Tarrik, the quest members and a few old friends, reunite at the Broken Keg Tavern in Akkoria to celebrate victory and hold memorials for the fallen.

Princess Bianca of Karandia and Farin Wyndham, brother to the Griffin of Magik, deliver letters from the dying Griffin of Magik and King Pembroke of Karandia. The message informs Tarrik that he has been selected to be the successor to the position of the Griffin of Magik for Karandia.