"The Way Station"

Date: April 21 & 22, 512
GM: Andrew G.
In-Game Location: Southern Chalter Medrium, near the borders of Vesve Forest & Doro Y'Edhel
OOG Location: Sage Ranch Park

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With all the upheavals in Xaria,borders have been closed, redrawn and eliminated entirely in some places. While mostly a political problem, it has inconvenienced commerce across Xaria the most.
Since the mysterious closing of the borders of Doro Y'Edhel several years ago, the need for new trade routes has become necessary.
In Chalter Medrium, an older trail has be cleared for use and the Way Station for travelers reopening in the Spring. The trail has been in disuse for decades, so you will be some of the first to walk this trail, which skims close to the borders of the Elves and may in in fact cross it in a few places.

A quartet of travelers made their way to the Way station. The group, led by Wayfarer Guide Galen Rook, included Hargreave of Veldron escorting two freed "totem" elves, Falkr & Rakon. The area already held more than half a dozen people, who attacked and attempted to rob them. The group prevailed with the aid of Icky, a man who'd been captured by the thieves.

During they day, other travelers made their may there, including several elves(Aeylarik, Onyx, Brenn, Falkr, Rakon)), a hearth mage(Marna Sutter), a sell-sword from Icara (Castelin Elliot) and a giant who thought himself a dwarf (Dietermar). The elves also felt a return of their Elven abilities, albeit only for short periods of time, as well as a visitation by an elder fae, who left a treasure box for them.. Strange visitations also occurred, starting with a confused Chalter Medrium soldier, a tattooed mage, a member of the Ebon Blades and a group of tentacles belonging to an unseen, ancient creature of legend, all of whom disappeared from sight after a time. The travelers determined that the appearances were people & creatures straying from different realms, including the afterlives of different planes.

That night saw the departure of Aeylarik, as well as a few more arrivals at the station including an elven Veldron Knight (Jordan) and a dwarf (Granthem Slatebender), as well as stranger ones including an older man? looking for his dog, a lone Drow soldier, a candle-bearing stranger and Curonor, Lord of the Stones?. Conversations and drinking went long into the night.

The morning brought.

Cast List (15)
Mike B. - Granthem Slatebender
Erinie B. - Jordan of Veldron, ? Veldron Associate
Constance C. - Goodie Marna Sutter, Clever bandit (NPC), Sister of the Temple of the Unveiled Eye (NPC)
Dave C. - NPC Army including: Survivor bandit, Mothman (Fae), Chalter Medrium Guard, Ardan Hellconia, Brother of the Temple of the Unveiled Eye, Maral Silverlocke, drow spy, Way Station proprietor (actual), "That which feasts with sleep"
Haleanna F. - Brenn, ? Bandit (NPC)
Ryan F. - Ichabod "Icky" Blightwood, ? Bandit (NPC)
Andrew G. - Alexander Roche, Periwinkle, Corporal Clay - Chalter Medrium Army (GM)
Shadow G. - "Onyx", Kasi O'Tamlin, Serena (Bandit NPC)
Aaron L. - Dietmar, Curonor, ? Bandit (NPC)
Dave M. - Aeylarik, Nost'karean Bandit (NPC)
Addison M. - Castelin Elliot, ? Bandit (NPC), Brother of the Temple of the Unveiled Eye (NPC)
Devin P. - Galen Rook
Caleb S. - Falkr
Michael S. - Hargreave of Veldron
Nathaniel S. - Rakon

Dave M. Pics are here
Shadow's Pics are here