Title: "The Brewing Storm: The Return of Morlekai"
Date: May 20-21, 2000
OOG Location: Chula Vista Campground, Frazer Park, CA
Location: Halgudar, near Fort Meras
GM: Michael P, Sammy J

Plots: A long dead Rynith Court Wizard named Morlekai has found a way to keep his spirit alive and tries to control the Bonewood. The Ebon blades, working for Halgudar against Rynith, stumble upon Court Wizard Vladimir Souska and are forced into aiding him. Souska has a spell that can only be cast by Lord Eric Reubeus.
Morelkai controls the undead creatures of the bonewood and in an attempt to stave off the impending intervention by the team assembled to defeat him. The long dead mage is eventually beaten and the spell is cast that returns the Bonewood back to it's "natural" uncontrolled state.

Cast (22)
Hilary Adams as Talenin
Mike Antos as "Shock"
Cabernet Baugh as Tara
Dale Brodt as Rynith, Death Knight, Horace
Lisa Bruner as Rynith, Ghosts, Veldron Ghost
Mike Budzik as Rynith, Owen of Veldron, Fage, Byron
Ernest Burnett as Rynith, Jordan of Veldron
Ingrid de Beus as Halgudar Scout, Rynith Elite, Kala, Dr. Prova, Meg (Mad Mage)
Andrew Gaughen as Roche
Sammy Jarnot as Cmdr Alisha (Rynith) [GM]
Haleanna Jenkins as Ghosts, Rynith
Mike Kelly as Rynith Scout, Errich Rubeus
Vern Kriske as Cargill
Aaron Lyle as Martin of Veldron
Mark Mensch as Death Knight Ratiffe, Rynith Guard
Dave Miner as Torrin (Blackthorne)
Dave Murphy as Rynith, Lawrence of Veldron
Devin Parker as Temple (Rynith), Gravel Stitchgash
Michael Parker as Vladimir Souska, Morlekai, [GM]
Joanna Slusser as Rynith, Janai
Michael Slusser as Rynith, Soros
Tyler Thompson as Inforlem