Date: June 27-28, 498
Location: Chalter Medrium, Rynith
OOG Location: Chula Vista Campground, Frazer Park CA

After lying low to rest and recuperate, Tarrik's party arrives at the Consortium Arch [Coolest Prop 1998] in Chalter Medrium. Drow hosilities are nearing the Arch. Acolytes of Vorak encounter Tarrik's party to confront Cedric. The group kills the Acolytes. Devon is spirited away by Ghirtab's aide. She offers him a trade for his Sister. The Chalter Medrium detachment at the Arch barter with Tarrik for his request to use the Arch. With a war party of Drow coming over the hill, Tarrik successfully operates the Consortium Arch, allowing the questors to escape certain death.

Tarrik and the group appears at the Arch in Rynith. They are quickly surrounded by the Rynith Guard that are posted there. The group, led by Captain Roche, subdue Tarrik's party, confiscate all their belongings, and hold them until Commander Blackthorne arrives. The prisoners are interrogated about their quest and the Arch. Cedric is killed by several Rynith Guard, while Tarrik and the others watch helplessly. Daemir and a charmed Rynith Guard secretly help Tarrik throughout the day. Peralton escapes and meets Mordekai and Sarrag that night.

The next day, Chaos warriors attack the camp and are defeated. Blackthorne, Roche, and a portion of the Ryntih Guard, turn on their fellow Guardsmen and kill them. After this Blackthorne orders the prisoners released sets them free. Tarrik's party reunites with Mordekai and Peralton, along with Sarrag. They head for a point of the Halgudar border where Blackthorne has moved troops away from.

Cabernet Baugh: Crow, Tara (Rynith)
Dale Brodt: Tarrik
Mike Budzik: Owen of Veldron
Ernest Burnett: CM soldier, Rynith Soldier, Mordekai of Veldron
Rob Carpenter: Acolyte of Vorak, Sgt. Grog (Ogre-Rynith), Yarek (Rynith)
Pixie Cearbhaill: ? (Rynith)
Andrew Elkins: Risha
Andrew Gaughen: Leon (CM Soldier), Captain Roche (Rynith) [GM]
Jen Groninger: Augusta Wynd (CM soldier), Zan Asplund (Rynith)
John Hames: ? (CM Soldier), ? (Rynith), Chaos Warrior
Mike Kelly: Aeloz
Vern Kriske: Fandar, Court Wizard Zadroz Darkwyrd (Rynith)
Ken Kurras: Neth (CM Soldier), Zuriel (Rynith), Sarrag
Aaron Lyle: Ron (CM Captain), Ethan, ? (Summoner) [Distinguished Effort 1998]
Mark Mensch: ?, ? (Rynith), Chaos Warrior
Dave Miner: Commander Blackthorne (Rynith) [GM] [Impressive Entrance 1998]
Dave Murphy: ?, Toryn (Rynith), Chaos Warrior
Kevin O'Hara: Daemir du Ghul
Devin Parker: Manasseh
Michael Parker: Cedric of Veldron, ? (Rynith) [Death Scene 1998]
Lori Pascarella: Ori (CM soldier), ? (Rynith)
Coffee Polk: Lakita, Kendra (Rynith)
Jesse Rosier: Devon
Jason Ryan: Peralton
Dave Selvadurai: Chaos Warrior
Michael Slusser: Sgt. Lockwood (CM Soldier), ? (Rynith), Barak (Rynith)