A long time ago,
in a galaxy far, far away...

Game created by Andrew Gaughen & David Murphy, Oct 2000;
Revisions by Constance Chamberlain & Andrew Gaughen, June 2011
(Note: These rules are based off the 2000 edition and subject to change and revision as they are re-play tested)

Jawas find themselves a prize.
A Sith Warrior and Jedi Knight face off in a lightsaber duel.

"They were in the wrong place at the wrong time.
Naturally, they became heroes."
-Leia Organa of Alderaan, Senator

Welcome to the Campaign rule-set for Star Wars! Below you will find links to the rules and abilities necessary to adventure in this long ago world where high-tech adventure meets mystic forces (no pun intended). The game can be played within any time period of Star Wars history; from the Sith Wars to the Old Republic, to the Galactic Civil War, to the Reconstruction and Rise of the New Republic.

Timelines are not included here, but a great reference is Wookieepedia


Body Points (BP): Number of times a character can be hit with weapons or damage causing Force powers before falling unconscious
Recovery Points (RP): Number of lost Body Points (BP) a character recovers per hour.
Armor Points (AP): Number of times armor can be hit and soak damage before becoming so badly damaged it no longer provides protection. Once armor points reach Zero (0), subsequent attacks affect Body Points (BP). Armor points are only used if you are wearing armor.

Force Points (FP): Number of Force powers a Jedi can use before they must meditate and recharge.
Dark Side Points (DSP): Similar to Force Points but more eeeevil. See the section under "Force Powers" for more detail.
Light Side Points (LSP): Opposite of Dark Side Points.
Purchase Points (PP): Number of available points a character has to spend on learning Force Powers or gaining more Force Points. (Jedi Only)

Skills: In game talents that allow characters to perform special tasks such as assassinate, droid-programming, cracking, nerf-herding, etc.
Experience Points (EXP): Every SW Larp attended awards 1 XP, which can be used to increase BP, RP, FP, skills, and PP.

Character Creation

- Learn how to make a new Human/Alien PC

Skills & Abilities -

What your PCs know and can do


- Special rules for Droid PCs

Force Users

- Special Rules for making and playing Force Adepts

Force Powers

- Mysterious abilities known only to Force Users

SW System

-The basics of how to play


- Fast, easy, and fun but - Safety First!

Proposed Section - Chemistry