Past Games page

this will have links out to a separate page for each game, where cast lists, synopses, and maybe pix can all reside. This will allow players to link out of character histories, and can cross-reference which characters know which characters!

This list may be missing games, some may be out-of-order.

Game Year 489

  1. 1st Campaign [GM Dave M, Kevin O]
  2. The Rainy Inn [GM Dave M, Kevin O]
  3. Night of the Cricket [GM Dave M, Kevin O]

Game Year 490

  1. Lightning Barrier [GM Kevin O]

Game Year 491

  1. Karandia and Icara Treaty [GM Jen Furlong]

Game Year 492

  1. Rain [GM Andrew E & Dave M]
  2. East Gate Guards [GM Mike A]

Game Year 493

  1. Blood in the Snow [GM Mike A, Dave M]
  2. Queen's Champion
  3. Amulet Puzzle [GMs Andrew E, Dave M & Jason R]

Game Year 494

  1. Statue of Galpouris [GMs Dave M & Kevin O]
  2. Jerry's Puppet [GMs Dane Leeman & Jerry Pesce]
  3. Kidnap Riadhel [GMs Andrew E, Andrew G, & Dave M]
  4. Crimson Wolf Inn - Dragon Stories [GMs Jen G & Kevin O]
  5. A Time for Bandits [GM Kevin O]
  6. Castle Creek
  7. Hatred
  8. Ren's Amnesia [GM Andrew E]
  9. Bonedance [GMs Andrew E, Andrew G, Dave M]
  10. Djinn [GMs Andrew E, Kevin O]
  11. Crimson Wolf Inn - Ghost Tales [GMs Jen G & Kevin O]

Game Year 495

  1. The Yeti [GMs Andrew E & Dave M]
  2. Drunken Peacock Inn - Outrageous Lies [GMs Coffee P & Jason R]
  3. Cursed Coin [GMs Tim M & Dan S]
  4. Amulet [GMs Tim M & Dan S]
  5. Ruins [GMs Coffee P & Jason R]
  6. Sacred Lands [GM Tim M]
  7. Bonedance II [GMs Andrew E, Andrew G & Dave M]
  8. The Elvish Good Luck Talisman [GM Jason R]
  9. Inn of the Grinning Gargoyle [GM Jason R]

Game Year 496

  1. Haunted Tree [GMs Andrew G, Dave M & Jason R]
  2. Tocard's Titan [GM Kevin O]
  3. Carrion [GM Andrew G]
  4. Culog's Bazaar [GM Aaron L & Jesse R]
  5. Shipwrecked [GMs Andrew E, Dave M & Lori P]
  6. Legends [GMs Andrew E, Andrew G, Dave M & Coffee P]
  7. Die Fledermaus Inn [GMs Ernie B & Aaron L]
  8. Seaside [GMs Dale B, Ernie B & Aaron L]
  9. The Closing Circle Prelude: The Open Door [GMs Andrew G & Dave M]

Game Year 497

  1. The Gilded Peacock [GMs Coffe P & Jason R]
  2. Winter's Fury [GMs Andrew E, Lori P]
  3. Recusation of Owen [GMs Andrew G & Dave M]
  4. The Closing Circle I: The Unforseen Path [GMs Andrew G & Dave M]
  5. Seaside II [GM Aaron L]
  6. The Game [GM Lisa B]
  7. Siryns [GM Michael P]
  8. Duty, Honor, and Country [GM Dale B & Andrew G
  9. A Celebration of Manar [GM Andrew E & Dina E]
  10. The Closing Circle II: The New Arena [GMs Andrew G & Dave M]
  11. Between the Lines [GM Michael P & Jason R]
  12. Sacrifice [GMs Dale B, Andrew G, Dave M, Coffee P & Jason R]
  13. Sharing Harvest [GM Aaron L]
  14. The Closing Circle III: The Lost Quest [GMs Andrew G & Dave M]
  15. The Closing Circle IV: The Distant Land [GMs Andrew G & Dave M]
  16. Dark Force Rising [GM Andrew E, Lori P]
  17. Hearthhallowing [GMs Devin P , Jen G]

Game Year 498

  1. Recusation of Mordekai [GMs Andrew G & Dave M]
  2. Legacy of Rings [GM Lisa B]
  3. The Closing Circle V: The Changing Goal [GMs Andrew G] & Dave M]
  4. Iron Pear Tree Inn [GM Vern K]
  5. Ashes to Ashes [GM Aaron L]
  6. Shizuko's Inn [GMs Coffee P, Mike B, Sarah T]
  7. The Closing Circle VI: The Waiting Arch [GMs Andrew G& Dave M]
  8. Through the Looking Glass [GMs Andrew E, Lisa B, Lori P]
  9. The Closing Circle VII: The Severed Ties [GMs Andrew G & Dave M]
  10. The Road to Mulcott [GMs Devin P , Ernie B, Mike B]
  11. The Rusty Anchor Inn (aka The Evil Inn) [GMs Jason R, Pamela]
  12. The Closing Circle VIII: The Bitter Prize [GMs Andrew G & Dave M]
  13. Haunted Shrine [GMs Andrew G, Dave M, Ingrid dB]
  14. The Boar and Thistle Inn [GMs Devin P , Jen G]

Game Year 499

  1. Open Petition - Veldron Council [GMs Aaron L, Mike B]
  2. Black Market Inn [GMs Eric Reuter, Sammy J]
  3. Something Warped This Way Comes [GMs Scott Heinig, Sammy J]
  4. The Forked Tongue Inn [GMs Ken Kurras, Michael P]
  5. The Closing Circle IX: The Unlikely Ally [GMs Andrew G & Dave M]
  6. The Contest [GM Dave M, Jon H., Rob C.]
  7. Return to Die Fledermaus [GM Aaron L]
  8. Crimes of War [GM Aaron L]
  9. The Closing Circle X: The Converging Point [GMs Andrew G & Dave M]
  10. The Bards' Gathering [GM Jason R]
  11. It's Reigning Evil, Hallelujah! [GMs Andrew E, Lisa B, Lori P]
  12. The Closing Circle XI: The Falling Sand [GMs Andrew G & Dave M]
  13. The Marriage of Hajiman [GMs Coffee P, Mike B, Sarah T]
  14. Forgotten [GM Devin P , Michael P ]
  15. The Closing Circle XII: The Tenth Arena [GMs Andrew G & Dave M]
  16. The Wandering Golem [GMs Scott H, Monica H]
  17. The Evil Inn II [GMs Jason R, Pamela C]
  18. The Closing Circle Epilogue: The Final Toast [GMs Andrew G & Dave M]
  19. The Red Rose [GM Devin P , Michael P]

Game Year 500

  1. Hope and Despair Part I [GM Michael P, Sammy J]
  2. Hope and Despair Part II [GM Michael P, Sammy J]
  3. Distant Echoes [GM Ernie B, Kevin O, Scott W]
  4. The Brewing Storm: The Return of Morlekai [GM Michael P, Sammy J]
  5. Never the Twain Shall Meet [GM Haleanna J.]
  6. Sundered Hearts [GM Ingrid dB., Coffee P.]
  7. Hail, Akkoria! [GMs Devin P , Michael S]
  8. Homecoming [GMs Sammy J, Joanna S, Michael S]
  9. Common Ground [GM Dave C.]
  10. Hallowed Ground [GM Dave C.]
  11. Mage Academy [GM Dale B]
  12. Wine and Cheese Festival of Moultier [GMs Sammy J, Michael P]
  13. Dominia In Victa [GM Vern K]
  14. Requiem Book I: What was Lost [GM Dave C]

Game Year 501

  1. Requiem Book II: The Passing [GM Dave C]
  2. The Calling [GMs Andrew G]
  3. The Fairy Inn [GM Sarah T]
  4. Requiem Book III: A Good Time to Die [GM Dave C]
  5. The Icara Gambit [GM Ingrid dB]
  6. The Festival of Nah Na'Hroth [GM Matt W. & Lisa B.]
  7. Nightfall [GMs Devin P , Michael P]
  8. Requiem Book IV: The Fires of Knowledge [GM Dave C]

Game Year 502

  1. Requiem Book V: Chapter and Verse [GM Dave C]
  2. Commence de Coup [GMs Andrew G & Dave M]
  3. The Sign of the Flask [GM Ingrid]
  4. Festival of Choth
  5. The Inn of the Two Cats: Dwarven War Council
  6. Cinders of Evil [GM Jason R]
  7. Requiem Book VI: Rising Tides / Sinking Hopes [GM Dave C]
  8. Bring Your Own Plot [GMs Mike A & Mike P]
  9. Invasion [GMs Andrew G & Dave M]
  10. Requiem Book VII: Return to Somtow [GM Dave C]
  11. Necromantic Symposium & Black Market
  12. Akkorian Archery Contest
  13. The High Winter Conventicle

Game Year 503

  1. Requiem Book VIII: When Time and Space Collide [GM Dave C]
  2. The Pick & Chisel Tavern [GMs Mike A, Matthew T]
  3. Shifts in Accord [GMs Dale B & Heather B]
  4. Requiem Book IX: Mourning Glory [GM Dave C]
  5. The Elven Court Inn [GMs ?]
  6. They All Fell Down [GM Aaron L]
  7. Brinksmanship [GM Michael S]
  8. The Artifact [GMs Ernie, Nick, Mike A]
  9. Ancient Shadows: The Riddle of the Blood Sky [GMs Ernie, Nick, Mike A]
  10. Requiem Book X: Alpha Omega Mu [GM Dave C]
  11. Ancient Shadows: The Disposition of Abidon [GMs Mike A, Ernie B, Mike B]

Game Year 504

  1. Legacy of Soulforge: Fire [GM Dave C]
  2. The Muddy Trench [GM Joel?]
  3. A Hot Time in the Old Tavern Tonight
  4. Legacy of Soulforge: Ice [GM Dave C]
  5. Tel'Quessir Weeruva [GMs Cassidy, Mike A, Joel, Kasey, Aaron]
  6. Mage Talon Corps Field Training Day [GM Joel]
  7. You are Cordially Invited... [GM Ingrid dB]
  8. Legacy of Soulforge: Reign [GM Dave C]
  9. The Tourney of Tales [GM Mike S]

Game Year 505

  1. Out of the Darkness [GM Dave C]
  2. The Scouring of Sarwen [GM Constance C]
  3. Changing of the Guard [GM Jason R]
  4. Shadowlands [GM Dave C]

Game Year 506

  1. Inn of Two Blades [GMs Cassidy C and Constance C]

Game Year 507

  1. Detherwyn's Door [GMs Cassidy C and Constance C]
  2. Between Heaven and Hell lies Urth [GM's Andrew E and Dave C]
  3. Grave Peril: Bonedance III [GMs Andrew G and Dave M]
  4. Ozog's Birthday [GM Joel S]

Game Year 508

  1. Crossed Blades - En Garde & En Repose [GMs, Contance C, Dave C, Andrew G]

Game Year 509

  1. The Barking Fool Tavern [GMs Mike A, Dave M, Andrew G]
  2. XX: The Raised Torch [GMs Mike A, Dale B, Dave M, Andrew G]

Game Year 510

  1. The Barking Fool Tavern 2: Torches and Pitchforks[GMs Devin Parker, Joanna Slusser, Michael Slusser]
  2. The Edge of the Abyss[GMs Jen Groninger, Devin Parker, Joanna Slusser, Michael Slusser]
  3. Mission of Mercy[GM Constance C]
  4. Edhel'ore Dagnir [GM Mike A and Dave C]
  5. This Space Available? [GM Dave C and Andrew E]

Game Year 511

  1. The Stallion's Tale [GM Constance C]
  2. The Orchester Estate [GM Mike A]
  3. Trouble Outside Heaven [GM Dave M] A Dark Frontier Game
  4. Market Day - Gamelet [GM Constance C]
  5. Bloodwar [GMs Andrew E and Dave C]
  6. Uprising [GMs Andrew E and Dave C]

Game Year 512

  1. The Way Station[GM Andrew G]
  2. The Fellowship of the Road [Gms Devin Parker, Michael Slusser]
  3. Great Brambleshire All County-Wide Great County Bake-Off [GM Constance C]

Game Year 513

  1. A Place Between the Pages [GM Andrew G]