This page will link out to the Order's write-ups.In the descriptions of the Organizations you will notice a category called "Red File." A Red File is secret information about the order that is not open to the public. A contact person is generally in this section in the event that you wish to know more.

Geographic Groups

Akkorian Navy Astronomical Division
Crop 'Chanters
Heralds of Akkoria

Chalter Medrium
Agents of the Crown
Chalter Medrium Army

Doro Y'Edhel
Northern Army
The Y'Ha

Cardinal's Paladins
King's Cavaliers

Eagle Elite
Gesnor Army
The Pick

Halgudar Army

The Hall of Travelers
Kessid Beggar's Guild
Kessid City Watch
Kessid Lamplighter's Guild
Kessid Mages' Guild
Independent Thieves' Guild of Kessid

Karandian Mage Corps (aka the Talon Corps, or just Talons)
Karandian Mage Council
Knights Mystic

Lindoran Army
Lindoran Witchmeullers

Qeret jhet'Da'ar (Manifold Hand of Destiny)

Tarps (Palrim Rangers)

University of Raslowe

Rynith Guard
Order of Sucash

Holy Order of Architects and Engineers
Noble Order of the Crafter's Unseen Hammer
Questors for the Mace

Holy Orders

Acolytes of Vorak
Balrantu Missionaries
Brant's Mallets
Brotherhood of Tranquility
Church of the Mother
Disciples of Chaos (Spawn of Goruch)
Disciples of the Dragon
Disciples of the Dragons of the Covenant
Followers of Soreth
Holy Order of the Templars of the Sangre Calice
Knights of the Raven
Order of Niva
Sisters of the Chalice
Thorosian Sect
The Tocard
Witnesses of Torma

Knightly Orders

Knights of Light
Knights of Veldron
Order of the Black Rose
Storm Maidens

Nefarious Associations

Knights of the Covenant
Secret Society of Questioners

Occupational Groups

Assassin's Guild
Crimson Serpent Company
Ebon Blades [Defunct]
Grand Mystic Royal Order of the Sagacious Brotherhood of Enchanters, Alchemists, and Magikal Knockabouts
The Grey Fleet
The Mad Mages
Spirit Warriors
Thieves' Guild
Wayfarer's Guild
The Wyndham Players