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Welcome to the new area of the Xaria Website,the realm of "Dark Frontier."Please keep in mind that this is a work in progress and much will continue to be added as the weeks pass. If you have any questions, critiques or suggestions, do not hesitate to contact Dave Miner.
An IntroductionThe steely-eyed deputy surveyed the trail. He knew the bank robbers didn’t have much of a head start. So where were they now? The rest of the quickly assembled posse scanned the surrounding woods. One member, a feisty cattle-man’s daughter wearing 2 six-guns, pointed back up the trail where an Indian Shaman now stood…
Welcome to Dark Frontier, a Live Action Role-Playing (LARP) adventure of gunslingers, outlaws, bandits and heroes. Within the pages of this tome, you will be introduced to our game, which is set in a fantasy version of California in the Wild West; a place where imagination is king and adventure is unavoidable.
Packing toy guns with safe soft projectiles, foam weapons and a few simple rules, you’ll assume the role of a Western character to defeat foes, solve puzzles or complete great quests for personal honor, fame and fortune. Whatever mischief the Game Master (GM) has created is all for your amusement.
Additional InfoThe system and rules that follow are primarily developed and modified from the Campaign Live Action Role-Playing system, which in itself is adapted from many elements of other LARP systems. Dark Frontier is a Wild West themed offshoot game to the parent LARP called Campaign. This game will have a different rule set and slightly different play style. You can read about our games, chat with other LARPers, view photographs or express your opinion by visiting our website at:
Once at the site, you will also see that in 2004 we ran a pilot Western game with great success. Our first official Dark Frontier game (Trouble Outside Heaven) took place in March of 2010, and was great fun. We hope that Dark Frontier is an ongoing adventure that players can enjoy for years to come. Game 2 (Dead Man's Hand) will be played in summer 2015 - sorry for the long hiatus. Game 3 (Passengers) will be played at WyrdCon6 in Sept 2015.
The site is designed to assist all players, new and old, by directing questions, comments, ideas, compliments or problems to the appropriate parties.
If you have any further questions, contact me at any time at's get started