This page can link out to any character histories that people feel like posting. The value in this is links can be woven between characters and events listed elsewhere. Could be pretty cool.

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Character Histories

Mike A

Kelnar Kalifie (deceased,Karandia and Icara Treaty, 491)
Zachary D'Nath
Connor MacLoren
Gabriel of Veldron
Harris Smith
Mage Sergeant William Schist (Blue Talon, Karandian Mage Academy) [NPC]
Sebastian (Sequestrum Mage) [NPC]
Eugene Roe
Samuel Walker (Hall of Travelers NPC, for now)
Jared "Shock" Miller (Ebon Blades) (deceased, The Barking Fool Tavern, 509)
Dar of the Y’Edhel Moré (NPC)

Constance C

Kiki (Ferret Beastman)
Lady Antillia Geoffrey (aka Tilly)(Member of the Karandian Mage Council, Humanitarian)
Pvt. Halla Litar (Karandian Mage Solder - White Talon)
Rosalinda Orchester (aka Rose Tanner) (Quiveran noble/"freedom-fighter")
Goodie Marna Sutter (Akkorian Crop Chanter)
Jovaan of Veldron ("Relic" Veldron Knight)
Ferrah T'Lin (Dakkoran Soldier)
Saria Silverlocke (aka Leah Silverlocke, Leah Silvergarde) (Elven scout/tracker) [NPC]
Maeridik (Disgraced Dark Fae) [NPC]
"Night Shift" Nora (Co-Owner of the Inn of Two Blades in Southern Urth) [NPC]
Mistress Alorana'i - (Owner of the Stallion's Tale in Noste' Kare) [NPC]
Tristian Helconia (deceased, Magus of Karandius, Devourer) [NPC]
Order (In the Avatar of Tristian Helconica, Elder Goddess/Power) [NPC]
The Lady (Spawn of Grixlor, Daemoness) [NPC]
Dark Frontier
Ms. Caliope Prinn (School ma'arm of Heaven)
Katherine "Dead Cat" Miles (taxidermist)

Dave C

Christopher Durang
Han Faj'n
Lucius Bloch
Reginald Farnsworth III

Michael Corr

Anzu, Strangle little Man
Ashlind Näürodar, Dakkorian healer of House Näür
D'caiden Ashe-Geoffrey, a Noble from Karandia
Faydin Laurlas, Elven Enchanter (True mage)
Milu Ashel, Elven Scout
Mishka Te'ryin, a Magikial Food Epicurean
Orapreth, Dark Fae Jester [NPC]
Talissade Caranlas, a Half-elven wanderer from Vesve

Dark Frontier
Father Francis O'clarie, Catholic Priest

Andrew G

Doktor Heironymous Blaylock (Wanted Alchemist)
Buckley! (PRIVATEER! Deceased)
Darian (Traveling mage of The Sequestrum) [NPC]
Capt. Dent (Soldier in Karadian Army) [NPC]
Doyle ("manager" of the Wyndham Players)
Fallan Seer'Quend Nau'Mell (Elven Ambassador to Thorin)
Gideon (Ranger/healer of the Volta Tribe of Shorn)
Haggard Dye (Mercenary for Primor, Deceased) [NPC]
Gault Fernwood (Monster Naturalist)
Mage Sgt. Lawrence Foxglove (Karandian Mage Sergeant-Yellow Talon) [NPC]
Gordon DeRegele (Independent messenger) [NPC]
Cpl. Daniel Grennon (Karadian Mage Soldier-Yellow Talon)
Pvt. Hagan (Soldier of Lindora, Deceased)
Halloran (Smith/Armor for Hire)
Sgt. Cyrus Kanaan (Karandian Mage Soldier- Red Talon)
Klaus (Demekrian Mercenary)
Kolas (Trader/"obtainer" of "precious cargo" from Nost'Kare)
Sgt. Lane (Soldier in Icaran Army) {NPC}
Sir Garret Luchese (Magikal Component hunter/searching for missing wife)
Finn Llewellyn (Member of MacGregor's Troop)
Ford Macloren (Mercenary from Gherin Culloch)
Fallan Seer'Quend Nau'Mell (Elven Ambasador to Thorin)
Ozog (giant-kin and friend of Auberick) ]NPC]
Mungo Sandybanks of Frogmorton ("Jack-of-all-Trades" Halfling)
"Periwinkle" (reforming Necromancer)
Phillipe (Member of the Cardinal's Paladins)
"Primor" (Would-be ruler of Xaria) [NPC]
Alexander Roche (Member of Ebon Blades/former Captain of the Rynith Guard, Deceased)
Richard Sucash (Member of The Order of Sucash)
Rynith Elite Thomas Surrian (ex-Rynith Mage/Mummy [NPC)
Then'dai (Member of Knights of the Covenant)
Augustus Veldron (Member of the Veldron council) [NPC}
Zachariah Veldron (Missing Veldron Knight)
Dark Frontier Characters
"Bart" (Gunslinger)
Coleman "Cole" Trainer (Ranch Hand-Deceased)

Nicholas H.

Fearghus Miach (Relic NotAVeldron)

Vern Kriske

Aodh, at home in the garden of An Darach Mor in Gherin Colloch
Despacho, Gone from Xaria and at home with La Donya del Sol
Cargill Barbang, The tunneltopper drawf is back in his clan's mines and day dreaming about his adventures on the surface
Fandar, retired to Dor Yedhel
Zadroz Darkwyrd, Traveling the plains and bored to death
Green, Watch yourselves, he is still about!

Dave Miner

Campaign Characters
Aeylarik (Elf Scout/Archer)
Alasdair Tremaine (Knight Mystic) [NPC]
Avery Dunn (Icaran Soldier)
Blackthorne (aka Torrin Draith) (Ebon Blades) (deceased, The Barking Fool Tavern, 509)
Bjorn Oresmiter (Dwarf)
Burgl (Goblin Warrior)
Caine Sinclaire
"Carter", Jared (Retired Akkorian Swordsman)
Dermot (Badger Beastman)
Drogan (Karandian Mage Academy Instructor- Grey Talon) [NPC]
Eremon Fein (Celtic Mercenary)
Ethan (Knight of Veldron)
Foster (Woodsman for Duke Orchester, Yellow Duchy of Quivera)
Garn (Icaran Blacksmith)
Jared Fowler (1st Sgt, Halgudar Army) [NPC]
Jost Ingersson (Gesnor Eagle Elite) [NPC]
Kyle (Karandian Mage Soldier-Blue Talon)
Kyril Feanor (Elven General & Black Rose Knight) [NPC]
Liam Winfield (Brigand)
Majar (Nost'Karean white-tiger beastman)
Malik Sarnath (1/2 Elf scholar)
Nils (Veldron Knight/Councilman) [NPC]
Oliver (aka William Oliver, Karandian Griffin of Lore) [NPC]
Otto (Lindoran Witchmueller) [NPC]
Pearson (messenger)
Prax (Ram Beastman)
Re'nim Kastiri (Nost'Karean Slave Trader)
Sebastian J Foley (of the Wyndham Players)
Skax (mouse beastman thief)
Stewart Radclyffe (Karandian Mage Sergeant-Yellow Talon)
Vadric (deceased, Black Rose Knight) [NPC]
Von Krieg (slightly mad DeMekrian siege weapon engineer)
White (traveler)
William "Wil" Barkins (Innkeeper)
Xavier (deceased, Knight of Thoros)
Dark Frontier Characters
Liam Patrick McCormack [NPC]
Zebidiah "Curly" Gaines

Devin Parker

Albrecht von Ludenhof (DeMekrian Playwright)
Brother Ethan (Librarian-Monk of the Mother)
Captain Llyruviel Y'Brea (Northern Elven Army)
Firiel a'Brionha (Elf True Mage)
Galen Rook (Icaran Ex-Sheriff-turned-Wayfarer's Guild Guide)
Gamaliel of Veldron (Beastman Council Member representing Leniel) [NPC]
Gravel Stitchgash (Dwarven Surgeon)
Ibrahim of Veldron (Nost'Kare Knight of Veldron with Ogre Arm)
Jaggar (Bounty Hunter)
Jester (Ex-Ecoterrorist Elf Preservationist) [Alternate "Future" Xaria]
"Lord Naga" (Yentanese Naga Ambassador)
Manasseh Feangren (Elven High Councilor of the Sun & Knight of the Black Rose) [NPC]
Orm (deceased, Avian Beastman Divine Mage)
Prendergast the Prestidigitator (True Mage of the Fraternity of Raslowe)
Pvt. Gustavus Ing (Karandian Mage Soldier - Blue Talon)
Quill (Summoner)
Rannulf d'Armagnac (of the Wyndham Players)
Tal (aka Tal'ysin Tir'tylwyth) (Human Warrior of Goblin tribe Burgl's Horde)
Temple (Rynith Elite) [NPC]
Toliver (Innkeep at the Red Rose Inn) [NPC]

Izabela Randall

Scarlettina Geoffry (aka Scar) (Emo/Goth Necromancer)
Isabeau of Veldron (Relic Veldron Knight)
Belle (Halgudarian Solder in Training)

Mowi Reaves

Roare Silad'nen (Vesve Elf)
Briar, "The Black Rose" (Brildorian Duelist)
"Knife" [Thieve's Isles, NPC]

Joel Schonbrunn

Neema Grilloc, guide in the Wayfarer's Guild
Sniffy Two-Tails, Wealthy Inn Keeper
Orion Cragstone, dwarf Mace Questor, seen with the East Lindora Company
Travertine BrownBeard, Warhammer of the BrownBear Clan
Tanager LeafCull, woodsman
Teeka Naan, Karandian Talon Mage Corps, Blue Division
Vartran Gregorian, Divine Dragon Mage, with the Disciples of the Dragons of the Covenant; his liturgy and spellbook


Svar Vorchanchin, Last of the Witchmeullers
FitzWilliam Trout, (Ebon Bard of Gesnor) [NPC]

Michael Slusser

Virraddon Gal'aurias (Mage and scholar)
Rambert Garnock (Bard of the Barking Fool tavern)
Keystone (of the cards of Zul'Aman)

Tony T

Campaign Characters
Dark Frontier Characters
Pete "Lightning" Sherman

Trevor Story

Alcanor Geoffry (Karandian Nobleman & Necromancer)
Malren Eldrek (Half-Elf Scout, Exile)
Rygen Stormstrider (Bovine Beastman, Elemental Mage)

Shadow Gray
Kassandra Margaret O'Tamlin MacAngus Slaine McAllister, called Kasi (Human Herbalist & Innkeeper from Gherin Culloch)
Kdiz, called Mrin Greyhammer (Dwarven fighter from Thorin)
Orchid (Human Mercenary from nowhere and everywhere)
Daisy the Death Mage [NPC - OpFor; deceased]
Cuivielen, called Onyx (Elven archer from Doro Y'Edhel)