October 4, 2003
In-game location: The Isle of Mu
OOG Location:

The Squad and party return to the island continent of MU before it sinks back into the ocean to try and set right the ritual that went wrong a thousand years ago. As time runs out, the balance of power between Order and Chaos tilts towards Chaos and the party must perform the ceremony as both their physical and mental worlds fall apart. Once the ritual has concluded, the survivors must find a way to retrieve their companions from the Other Side.

Cast List:
Heather Abbott as Tahsa Gellis
Mike Antos as Connor MacLoren
Dave Miner as Stewart Radclyffe
Joel Schonbrunn as Teeka Naan
Dale Brodt as Horace Sullivan
Mike Parker as Cass
Phillip Loicano as Rand
Aaron Lyle as Sir Martin Arthur
Ingrid DeBues as Capt. Prova
Andrew Gaughen as Richard Sucash
Nick Bauman as Selacious aka “Bulge”
Constance Phillips as DaGarrath, Lady Order, GM
Dave “Robin” as Chamberlain DaGarrath, Lord Chaos, GM