Character Name: Alexander Roche [Deceased March 509]
Player Name: Andrew G.
Race: Human
Homeland: Icara
Profession: Mercenary-Ebon Blades, former Captain-Rynith Guard
3 Adjectives to Describe:
Alexander Roche, 2nd in command of the Ebon Blades

Max 7 BP, 4 RP, 0 PP, 0 CP, +3 AP, 7 Skills

Body Points: 7 (5 + 2 xp)
Armor Points: 2 (Ring)
Total Hit Points: 9
Recovery Points: 3

Magik Category: N/A

Special Skills: (1XP = 2SP)

Special Items:

Magikal Item Count:

Special Notes:

Relative Wealth:

Torrin Draith (aka “Blackthorne”) [Deceased] - David Miner
Jared "Shock" Miller [Deceased] - Mike Antos
Tara [Deceased] - Cabernet Murray
Xan Asplund [Deceased] - Jen Groninger
Salah [Deceased] - Hilary Adams
Olivia Gosslar - Ingrid DeBeus

Rynith Guard
Rynith Court Mage (Michael Parker)
Rynith Court Mage Zadroz Darkwyrd (Vern Kriske)



Campaigns attended by this Character /Date:
-"Legends" - Sept 496
-"The Closing Circle VI The Waiting Arch" - June 498
-"The Closing Circle XII The Tenth Arena"- Sept 499
-"Hope and Despair I" - March 500
-"Hope and Despair II" - March 500
"Sundered Hearts" - June 500
-"Akkorian Archery Contest" - Nov 502
"You Are Cordially Invited..." - September 504
"The Way Station"- April 512

Experience Points Spent on this Character:

Do you, the Player, have any medical problems that the GMs must know about? YES!
Please explain:
-Allergic to all aspirin-based products
-Weak Right knee

Character History: [link to another page]