Character Name: Alcanor Geoffry
Player Name: Trevor Story
Race: Human
Homeland: Karandia, City of Trauu
Profession: Necromancer, Family Inquisitor, Noble
3 Adjectives to Describe: Quiet, Refined, Eloquent

Class: Mage
Max 4 BP, 2 RP, 20 PP, + 10 addtl, 1 CP, 0 AP, 0 Skills

Body Points: 4
Armor Points: 0
Total Hit Points: 4
Recovery Points: 2

Magik Category: Death
Special Ability: Death mages continually radiate an evil aura that is readily seen by others of their ilk, (including greater undead, those possessed by evil, and other malevolent forces.) If death mages concentrate for 30 seconds, they can detect the evil aura of another death mage. Little honor exists among such creatures, yet the evil aura may afford a death mage the opportunity to be heard or spared when others are not. Some benevolent powers can detect the aura and they too will act accordingly.

Spell list: 20pp + 10 +20
Animate Dead 6
Call Undead 1
Control Lesser Undead 4
Decipher Magik 2
Detect Magik 1
Interrogate 2
Light 1
Pain 1
Pass Ward 4
Silence 6
Speak with Dead 1
Teleport 5
Desecrate 3
Corrupt 3
Control Greater Undead 8
Fear 1
Incite GM Gift (Edge of the Abyss)
Drain Life GM Gift (Edhel'ore Dagnir)

Special Skills: (1XP = 2SP) None

Special Items: None

Magikal Item Count: Focus (Family Heirloom)

Special Notes:

Relative Wealth: Wealthy

Allies: Scarlettina Geoffry, Antillia Geoffry, Ermintrude Geoffry (NPC)

Foes: Reginald Farnsworth III, Svar Vorchanchin

Goals/Desires: Gain wealth, power, and knowledge.

Weaknesses: Must take time out to be devout to his dark god, Chaos (Daggon).

Campaigns attended by this Character /Date:
"Edge of the Abyss" - July 31st - August 1st, 2010
"**//Edhel'ore Dagnir//**" -September 25-26th, 2010

Experience Points Spent on this Character: 3

Do you, the Player, have any medical problems that the GMs must know about? Please explain: None at all.

Character History: Alcanor