Title: "Akkorian Archery Contest"
November 16, 502
OOG location: Phil Residence, Tarzana CA
Location: The Inn of the Red Walls, Kor Elan, Akkoria

GM: Phil L

Synopsis: Akkor Morgan hosts the 35th annual Akkorian Archery Contest. Upsetting the gambling odds of the Barkeep, which favored Elven hunter Y’den, Olivia Goslar wins 1st prize, followed by Jordan of Veldron with 2nd.
Rynith Guard come to the Inn of the Red Walls and attempt to apprehend Ren, the bartender, however patrons of the inn thwart them.
An assassination attempt on Lord Rubeus fails.

Cast List:
Mike A: Rodercik (HofT), Rynith Guard, Gabriel of Veldron
Nick B: Denis
Ernest B: Jordan of Veldron
Dave (Robin): Aughton
Ingrid: Olivia Goslar, Kala
Andrew E: Ren
Paul E: Gorik Slateheart
Andrew G: Alexander Roche (Ebon Blades)
Haleanna: Brenn, Leann
Mike K: Lord Errich Rubeus
Brandee: Lady Lillivon
Phil L: Akkor Morgan, Dannick [GM]
Aaron: Ethan
Sarah M: Wench #1
Dave M: Torrin (Ebon Blades)
Michael P: Alexander Kahn
Constance: Rosalba Tanner
Jason R: Y’Den
Joel S: Neema Grilloc
Kasey S: Elunara
Matthew T: Timothy (HofT), Rynith Guard
Kevin T: Hadrian
James A: Nicholas