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Dave-elf.jpgAeylarik Cen'ryll was born in 270 A.Y. in a small Elvish village near the eastern edges of the Doro Forests. In his youth living near the lands of men, he saw other cultures and they both intrigued him and illustrated their foolishness.

When he was older, Aeylarik served in the Eastern Elven Army under the command of General Aldalome. He served, protecting the forests and hunting her enemies from 290 A.Y. to 380 A.Y. Aeylarik was in the Archer Corps and a scout.

During the decade of 290 A.Y. a vast invasion of monsters continued to plague the Elven Forests. Aeylarik spent time defending the Elfin lands alongside his fellows. Many times, his skills were taxed to the fullest when he was asked to enter the Dark Forests to seek the cause of the Monster’s flight and aggression.

When Aeylarik decided it was time to leave the Army in 380 A.Y., a member of the Council approached him with the offer of continued service to the Elven Homeland. His duties would be as important as those he was now leaving behind, yet the adventure and travel would fill his life with wonderful new experiences and entertainment.

The offer sounded too good to be true, so Aeylarik agreed and was appointed as a “Gatherer” (and “scout”) for the Elven High Council. Off and on for several years, he was partnered with Jerisye Delhnir [Coffee Polk]. Now Aeylarik primarily works alone.

Aeylarik serves the Council and is commonly sent to areas that the High Council wishes more firsthand knowledge and information from, especially areas that concern the security of the Silver Forests or other Elvish interests. His function is only to gather information, rarely to become involved with the events.

His position allows him a great deal of free reign, but he takes it very seriously. He was primarily given tasks by the Councilors from the Glade of the Sun, as their domain is the interaction with the outer races. But through his years he has worked for other Glades.

The earliest test of Aeylarik’s ability as a Gatherer happened when he was sent to the area of burgeoning strife between the lands of man called Karandia and Icara. In the late 380’s he arrived in the lands only to find a complete war between them over gold. He journeyed back and forth there through many years watching the fighting continue.

On one journey home from the the fighting at the River Yoleth, Aeylarik passed through the lands called Chalter Medrium. In the lands he saw the sparks of trouble. The country was soon engulfed in a fiery civil war among its own. This word he also took to the Council. And he was sent directly back to the torn land to gather what he could.

He was observing this land for scores of years. In time, he observed the scheming of the griffin bearers and the winged sword soldiers. They strove against one another inside the lands of Chalter Medrium. Again he brought back the knowledge to the High Council of Elves. By 424 A.Y. the humans there understood why the fighting continued. The Karadians and the Icarans kept the fires burning.

In 487 Aeylarik observed and reported on the Karandian mercenary's plot and its successful destruction of the Icaran capitol city, as well as the subsequent summer assumption of power by Brigadier Marshall Stang.

Through 491 Aeylarik Gathered in the northwest of Xaria, continually reporting on the events developing throughout Karandia and Icara. He also reported to the Council that the King of Chalter Medrium had outlawed "adventurers" and Elves.

The thought of a human taking action to outlaw Elves from the forests and lands appalled Aeylarik. He made arrangements to return to observe the developments in Chalter Medrium. When King Frederick grew mad and ordered that all Elves be killed on sight, Aeylarik too the news to the Council. And the Council debated their course of action for through the summer and autumn until General Feanor took action without the Council's consent.

While his duty was with the Council, Aeylarik secretly aided Feanor and his Elves. Aeylarik gave the Elves a route for quicker and safer passage through to the capitol city of Grath.

Peace between the Karandians and Icarans was reached in 494. Since the Elves had no more current concern with the northwestern human kingdoms, Aeylarik was sent elsewhere.

From late 495 through the summer 496, rumor had been finding its way to the Elves and others. The Fae, long since missing from the southern island of Gherin Culloch had returned there. Aeylarik and Jerisye were sent to find that they had indeed returned. They also discovered nothing new when they found that the humans were fighting among themselves for control of the land and passage from the island.

Aeylarik3.jpgDark times fell upon the Elves when the Mor'edhel joined forces with Dakkor and led an outright attack on the Forests of Doro Y'Edhel. This led the two xarian countries into a war against one another with the Dark Elves manipulating the events on the Dakkor side.In the winter's last throes, in March of 497, Aeylarik and a small band were sent to Quivera. He accompanied a Black Rose Knight named Oronor Sarn [Dale Brodt], his familiar partner Jerisye [Coffee Polk], another Elfin scout Faylin Lark [Cabernet Murray] and the human friend of Kyril Feanor, Cass [Michael Parker]. Dakkor was sending emisssaries to Quiveran Duchies to orchestrate treaties that they could move their troops to the Elven border. The Elf party was intent on disrupting the meeting and thwarting their plans. While there, the Dakkorans and Elves alike were attacked by malicious Fey in the woods and their Ice Elementals. In the end they were not successful and Dakkor had gained their route to the Forest home of the Elves.

July of 498 saw Aeylarik once again enmeshed in the Dakkor war. He journeyed to Gallura and was present for return of Naedel [Andrew Elkins]. The truth of the Dakkoran worship of Elves unfolded that day. Centuries ago, Naedel brought the worship of nature to the barely developing human communities in Dakkor. When a village was attacked by a Dragon, Naedel fought to protect its people. In defeating the dragon, he was mortally wounded. The humans saved his life and began worshipping him as their minor deity. Over the next thousand years, this corrupted into a covetous worship of all Elves.

By Elf standards, Naedel should have perished of old age more than eight hundred years ago. This day, a Dakkoran priestess was bringing the still barely living Naedel to the Fountain of Divinity in Gallura to prolong his life. After much fighting and negotiating, Aeylarik and his companions came to be in control of the "Dakkoran Prisoner" and returned Naedel back to his home in Doro Y’Edhel.

Aeylarik2.jpgFor the next several years, Aeylarik spent his time working for the Glade of Clouds. He was frequently sent on assignments that made no sense to him. Some of his strange tasks were; “Travel to Halgudar and bring back a sapling no taller than the span of your hand,” “In the mountains of Akkoria, at the road crossing the borders twixt Kepal and Niel, on the last day of summer, there will pass a group traveling by night with a two wheeled cart. Observe them and tell us what you see,” “Plant this seed at the edge of the Encroaching Desert, where the creek bed has turned to stone,” “There stands a tree centered in a field of heather, north of the lake where the Galluran King has a summer home. This tree was long ago split by the Gods’ lightning. There you will meet a Muridae Beastman. He carries both an item fashioned of silver and news of great import. See that he arrives at his destination whole.”

In time he came to simply accept the strangeness of the Glade of Clouds Councilors. As their knowledge lay in the impermanent, he knew they saw things beyond most other Elves, and even so, these things were not always clear.

Aeylarik was also sent to scout the increased monster actions within and without Uragoth. A strong Orc was said to be controlling and organizing the creatures of in the Dark Woods, creating a vast army.

In August of 503, Aeylarik traveled to the Orange Duchy of Quivera. He was scouting the strength of the monster army in Uragoth. With the aid of a Monster Hunter named Conor [Tim Miner], Aeylarik was able to interrogate a captured Goblin about the great monster army.

After returning this knowledge to the Councilors, Aeylarik was reassigned to the assist the eastern army in defending the Silver Forests from Ank and his monster army, returning to his duties as a scout/archer for the Army.

In 505, Aeylarik was once again returned to his service to the Glade of the Clouds. Over the years watching and sometimes interacting with the lands of men caused bitterness toward the humans to grow within his heart. Aeylarik witnessed suffering, corruption, greed and death all brought about by the hands of men. Their cruel treatment of nature served only to further his dislike and distrust of the humans that now filled the lands around the great Silver Forests. With his Queen gone from the world, the connection to the Fey was weakened. This loss has wounded Aeylarik deeply.

In the late spring of 510, Aeylarik was instructed by Councilor Casvin Hlaeraheal of the Glade of the Clouds to escort the Black Rose Knight Manasseh Feangren to the Human city of Kessid in their land of Irroquin. Once there, make certain he reaches a tavern known as the Barking Fool. Inside, ensure that he joins company with another Knight of the Black Rose, Er’din Duin’lith.

Gault, Aeylarik and Manasseh at 'the Barking Fool' - May 22, 510
While at the Barking Fool tavern, Auberick appeared. This far within the human city, Auberick was weak and could barely speak. He gathered the Elves present and an odd few humans. Auberick spoke to them all and told of a great danger to all of Xaria. He warned that Warders had gone missing from the edge of the great desert men call “The Badlands.” He spoke directly to all he had gathered telling them that he knew of their own natures and what was needed of them. In the end, Auberick bade them all to journey to the border between the land once known as Halgudar, now Kyrrathis, and the Badlands to help restore the Warders and hold the Encroaching Desert from destroying all of Xaria.

Auberick's words to Aeylarik were "Aeylarik- You are an Elf charged with great things, and who plays a larger part than you realize. Your actions may seem myseterious to you, but they are weaving a tapestry that will one day be revealed. And how like you the Glade of the Clouds? You may one day find it more home than you know..."

Aeylarik accepted this task without question or hesitation. After parting with the others present, he drafted a message to Councilor Casvin detailing his meeting with the Eldest Fey and what he was asked to do. Aeylarik set about gathering what supplies he would need. After advising this new band of brave souls and men, he set forth to seek the best trail toward the danger ahead.

The journey to the border fo the Badlands had many strange and eventful encounters. (

The edge of the Badlands- July 31, 510
Once there, Aeylarik and the company found an Inn called the Fall of Empires, where Lindoran refugees had been harassed by creatures from the Badlands.

The traveling group discovered that three of the Warders who encircle the desert had left their posts for vile reasons. Their duty had been to protect the world from the chaos magiks and distorted creatures inside the Badlands. A powerful wizard-like creature from within the Badlands had corrupted their minds and caused them to join in his cause. They were poisoning the people near the border and planting the seeds of creatures within them. The wizard seeks to overrun the rest of Xaria with these "warp spawn" and remake the lands in his image.

Before the group slept, Aeylarik was called to a small copse by a twisted Fey or Giant-kin similar to Ozog. The Giant-kin claimed his name was *. Aeylarik was granted a small audience with the Eldest Dark Fey. The "Queen's Court" tormented him and spoke of his impending failure and doom. They taunted the Elf, knowing that his failing faith and fear of losing the Fey forever would break his spirit.

The night among the Dark Fey was restless. Their torment of the travelers seemed endless. Their remaining night was full of terrible dreams.

In the morning the group found that many of their number, including Aeylarik, were infected with the eggs of the warp-spawn. It was less than one day before the spawn would hatch from within their entrails and kill the hosts.

The group was able to give the wizard a small defeat and send him back to the Badlands, but not without losing one of the Warders to death and then a necromancer's control. Another Warder could not live with the knowledge of what he had done and had fallen on his own sword. The third Warder fell comatose from her grief and anguish. The infected travelers were freed from their curse.

After the combat was finished the company realized that much was left incomplete. By agreement, Erdin would travel east to the next nearest Warder to tell of the events at the Fall of Empires Inn. Aeylarik and the rest of the company would travel east to the next Warder and do the same.

Aeylarik and the company journeyed along the border. Several days into the journey, Roe and Dice (who had left during their battle with the Warp spawn) rejoined the main group with a small contingent of Karandian Mage Talons. Eventually they reached the area where the Warder would be guarding.

During their trip they were met by a strange creature who turned their purpose before they reached their goal.


The stranger both gave Aeylarik a gift and renewed his cause to recover an acient artifact that threatened the entire race of the Elves. Which lead Aeylarik and his allies to the border of Urth and the Badlands.

Was granted "Fey Presence" by the Dragon Marclyx. This maintains his link to the Fey allowing his natural Elf abilities to remain strong regardless of the status of the Elfish link to the Fey. This also grants Aeylarik a "Fey Aura" similar in concept to a necromancer's Evil Aura. Fey will recognize him as one of their own and will not pester or torment him.

Aeylarik and companions find Virraddon and Manasseh captured by Urth soldiers. Rescue them through force. Met with a Fey. Group rescued a woman from Orcs- she cannot speak. At night, Set upon by hordes of undead.

Slain by undead. Spirit went to Fey. Shael attempted Resurrection. Aeylarlik did not return. Shael Immolated himself to bring Aeylarik back. Aeylarik lost his place in the Fey and no longer has any connection. Lost magikal ability and Fey Presence. Though he does not know it yet, a piece of Shael's sould was used to bring Aeyarlik back from the Fey and it will forver change who he is.

Wictmueller General Bloch arrives and helps with undead. Tense meeting. Companions deduce that Bloch has the Edhel'ore Dagnir, a powerful crystal that can inure and slay elves. Side effect is that it has trapped Elven souls in it.

Mute woman, named Melody by the Companions, stays with Aeylarik during his recovery.

Following morning, the Lindorans return. Much discussion is held over the artifact. The Rynith arrive and demand, by way of a rightful treaty, that the Lindorans, including Bloch, lay down their colors and are conscripted into the Rynith Army.

Bloch leaves the artifact with Rose, who along with nearly everyone present, will travel to Doro Y'Edhelo to return it and explain the new complications.

Aeylarik has trouble leading them away as he has lost his connection to the forest. Eventually, with the help of Svar and later Rose, the group makes their way to the Yellow Duchy of Quivera, bordering the Elven Homeland. They reach a dis-used hunting lodge and take refuge there. After a debate, the group agrees that Roare, Manasseh, Viraddon and Aeylarik shoudl return to the Elven High Council and tell them of the artifact, including it's other proerties of trapping Elven souls.

When this message is delivered the council is disappointed in Aeylarik's performance. They engage in debates and discussions and question the four. Manasseh and Viraddon are sent to the larger Council, while Aeylarik and Roare stay with Councilor Rellisir of the Glade of the Clouds. Many Council members join the questioning and eventually reach the decision that the Edhel'ore Dagnir needs to be returned to the Council.

Aeylarik is ordered to return to the Council as he "has another path to follow." The Councilors ask Roare to return to the hunting lodge and ask that they return the stone to the Council.

Aeylarik continues to struggle with the new emotions and strange thoughts in his head left from Shael's immolation.

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