Aeylarik - August 1, 510
Character Name
: Aeylarik Cen’ryll
Player Name: Dave Miner Jr
Race: Elf
Homeland: Doro Y’Edhel
Profession: "Gatherer" for the Elfin High Council (former Scout)
3 Adjectives to Describe: Arrogant, ethnocentric and competent

Fighter/Mage: 4BP, 2RP, 10PP, 4CP, 0SP; max 5BP, 2RP, *PP, 5CP, +2AP, 5Skills
*Aeylarik lost his magikal ability in September 510 - Edehl'ore Dagnir*

Body Points: 5 (4 orig + 1 @ 1XP)
Armor Points: 2 (chain mail)
Total Hit Points: 7
Recovery Points: 2

Magik Category: Lost
Purchase Points: Lost
Casting Points: Lost
Focus: Acorn Pendant - Aeylarik still wears this, but it no longer radiates magik, nor does it act as a focus.
Spell List: Lost

Special Skills:
-Can no longer Blend
-No longer Immune to Charm and Sleep spells
-Can no longer Commune With Nature

Special Items:
-Magik Arrow: “Gatecrasher”- Negates any magikal portal (originally designed for Drow gateways to the surface)
-Pendant of Office (Owl Head on back indicates to Elven Diplomats and Officials that Aeylarik is a Gatherer for the Elven Council)

Special Notes:
Aeylarik is a "Gatherer" (a scout that works for the Elven High Council). His duty is to gather information.

Relative Wealth:

Manasseh Feangren (Elven Black Rose Knight) [Devin Parker]
Er'Din Duinlath (Elven black Rose Knight) [Jason Ryan]
Jerisye Delhnir (Elven Gatherer for the High Council) [Coffee Polk]
Dolena (Elven Healer) [Cassidy Cording]
Roare (Vesve Elf) [Mowi Reaves]
Shalenar (Half-Elf Healer) [Twin]
Conor (Half-Elf Monster Hunter) [Tim Miner]
Virraddon Gal'aurias (Dakkoran Wizard) [Michael Slusser]
Svar Voranchin (Lindoran Witchmueller) [DW Scraggs]
EugeneRoe (Healer) [Mike Antos]
Gault Fernwood (Akkorian Scholar and Monster Expert) [Andrew Gaughen]
Sir Martin Arthur (Knight of Veldron) [Aaron Lyle]
Dice (Karandian Mage Talon) [Ernie Burnett]

Trolls, Orcs and Goblins

Goals/Desires: Changes Pending
-To fulfil his duties to the Elven High Council
-Enjoy the thrill of his occupation

Weaknesses: Changes Pending
-Hatred of Mor'edhel (Dark Elves)
-Hatred of Trolls, Orcs and Goblins
-Belives Elves to be superior to all other races
-Often allows the thrill of the job to overcome his rational thinking

Campaigns attended by this Character /Date:
Night of the Cricket” October 28, 1989
Lightning Barrier” April 28, 1990
Crimson Wolf Inn – Ghost Tales” December 10, 1994
Shipwrecked” August 19, 1996
Winter’s Fury” March 22, 1997
Through the Looking Glass” July 18-19, 1998
The Artifact” August 30, 2003
"The Barking Fool; Torches and Pitchforks" - May 22, 2010
"Edge of The Abyss" - July 31st - August 1st, 2010
"Edhel'ore Dagnir" - September 25-26, 2010
"The Orchester Estate" - March 5, 2011
"The Way Station" -April 21-22, 2012

Experience Points Spent on this Character: 2

Do you, the Player, have any medical problems that the GMs must know about? Please explain: None

Character History