Game Title: “A Time For Bandits”
aka "Beastmen"
Date: June 25, 1994
Location: Mt. Pinos, near Daggersford, Rynith

OOG Location: Chula Vista Campground, Frazier Park CA

Plots: Celtic bounty hunters track Fannon. Gideon deals with Beastman Kraysipher and army of Bandits. Rynith Guards hunt for underground Thieves Guild members.

Cast (11)
Eric Bergland as Trisk
Dale Brodt as Tarrik
Ron Daniels as Shadowstar Halfelven
Andrew Elkins as Ren
Andrew Gaughen as Gideon and Phineas (Celtic Bounty Hunter)
Jen Green as Riadhel
Mike Kelly as Aeloz, Anik Dote, and William (Celtic Bounty Hunter)
Duffy LaRochelle as Fannon McBride
Nitta Lee as Nyrnea
Kevin O’Hara [GM] as Kraysipher and Danvic
Lori Pascarella as Arion

Note: the first in-game appearance of Beastmen