"A Place Between the Pages"

Date: April 27 & 28, 513
GM: Andrew G.
In-Game Location: Eastern Chalter Medrium
OOG Location: Crystal Lake Recreation Area; Asuza, CA

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Progress continues!

More alternate trade routes have been necessary for Chalter Medrium to move its cargo and people across its lands. Another recently "opened" path has been found. Since it is a recent discovery on an old map as well as being only a day or two's travel from the borders of both Doro Y'Edlhel and Uragoth, travelers through the are encouraged to have armed escort. possibly a guide and if you're lucky (and you can pay) a member of the Wayfarer's Guild, to make sure travel goes smoothly. Chalter Medrium authorities can help... to some extent. I mean, we could all use a little extra coin in the pocket, eh?

Besides, its just an old road...

About "A Place Between The Pages":
Apparently I'm a masochist by needing to run another game with even less of a budget then last year...

I hope the weekend date doesn't interfere with other events. I tried to put it as least conflicting as possible.

This game will not be connected to any currently running story-lines, though Characters from continuing story-lines are welcome. I'll coordinate with them to make your stay in this game as pleasant or hellish as need be.

Character sheets & histories are appreciated (and required) as much in advance as possible. I'd like to try and weave the story with the Players if at all possible. I'd hope to receive Character sheets by March 31st.
I can use some full-time NPC's, though how many will all depend on what kind of characters come along. I like to fit the death to the, er, um, drama to the Characters. Yeah, that's it.
If none are available, that's fine as well, as I've planned for it. I'm sure myself and the Dave "NPC Army-of-One" Chamberlain can deal with you all...

PLEASE NOTE: As this is almost a year to the day of my last game, there is a possibility that location might change due to inclement weather. Obviously I won't know til close to game, but I wanted to give fair warning.

The Crystal Lake Recreation Area has only recently been reopened. There is overnight camping at Loops A, B & C, though not wheeled travel to the campsite. But I've been told by the rangers that it's not to difficult to walk it from the parking lot to the camp. As parking may be limited, it is HIGHLY suggested to pack as many into a vehicle as possible.

Once I have a better idea of the travel time, I will make sure directions are available, though if memory serves it is relatively easy, if not a wind-y road.

Cast List:
Ernine Burnett - Semimodo, Clawed Man, Jordan of Veldron
Constance Chamberlain - Jovaan of Veldron
Robin Chamberlain - Malthar("Guardian"), Maglon, Monkey Shaman?, Yeti Gladiator
Anna Fulcher - Brenn, Eater of the Dead shaman, Eye of Munin
Andrew G - Keeper Turning, Jaeden Stancliffe
Aaron Lyle - Dietermar
Dave Miner - Stewart
Addison Morse - Castern Elliot
Mowi - Roare
Jason Ryan - Sequestrum, Eater of the Dead shaman, Super Centurion
DW Scraggs - Ulith of Veldron, Super Centurion
Michael Slusser - Viraddon, Super Centurion
Kevin Thomas - Sequestrum, Hanged Man (Rochus Galan), Eater of the Dead shaman, Super Centurion
Twin - Shale
Devin Parker - Galen Rook

*NOTE: "Eaters of the Dead" concept came from Dale Brodt.