June 19, 504
In Game: The Wandering Tavern, Thieves Isle, Tarnaal
OOG: Tarzana, CA
GM: Kevin Thomas

Synopsis: Heroes from every corner of Xaria enter a local inn or bar on their personal business, but all arrive at The Wandering Tavern ... a tavern that is all places and none. The tavern’s owner, Sebastian Shrike, asks them for help in returning to him his lost love -- the Princess Kali of Tarnaal. In order to get to Tarnaal, the heroes first recover a Consortium artifact called an Absence Mirror from one of the ancient mages on the Thieves’ Isle. The heroes free Princess Kali from Tarnaal, as well as recover a powerful artifact called The Eye of Munin. As reward for reuniting him with his lost love, Shrike gives them each a wooden Tavern Coin -- a magic token that will enable them to return to the Tavern at a time of their choosing. Shrike and Kali leave the tavern together, giving ownership of the tavern over to whichever hero wants it. Penn, Madeline and Katherine become partners as the new owners of The Wandering Tavern.

(Event Photos)


Andrew E as Risha, lion beastman
Andrew G as Richard Sucash
Brandee as Madeline Storm
Cassidy as Dolena Amrun Elen
Constance as Rose Tanner
Ernie as Chance Fagan
Haleanna as Katherine, Hall of Travelers courier
Jason R as Penn
Jen M as Lindzaye Currin
Joel as Sniffy Two-Tails
Joanna S as Aradnael
Kasey as Elunara, Knight of the Black Rose
Matt T as Lars Hermosa
Mike A Gabriel of Veldron
Mike S as Virraddon Arrax Gal’aurias
Nick as Salacious Hyde


Kevin T as Sebastian Shrike [GM]
Pam as Wanda the barmaid


Chris T as Barnabas Brass, Captain of The Mercy [GM?]
Mike Cuccaro as Mik the Quick, quartermaster on The Mercy
Lance Menthe as Handsome Dane (aka Claudius Gal’aurias), first mate on the Mercy
Colleen Russell as Silko, panther beastwoman, crewman on The Mercy
Ingrid as Jenny Blackheart, Captain of The Whisper
Phil as hobbit first mate on The Whipser
Corbin as Glamriatofalas, elven rigger on The Whisper
Aaron as Feckless, crewman on The Whisper
Ed as Pirate #1
Dave (Robin) as “Green,” the hangman
Angelica as Myrddin, Fortuna Obscurati mage


Lance Menthe as Prince Kajeh
Colleen Russell as Princess Kali
Dave (Robin) as Vizier Nefiri
Ingrid as Parvani Sharva, priestess of Balrantu
Corbin as royal guardsman
Phil as royal guardsman / Consortium mage
Chris T as Danaan, Tarnaal surgeon / Consortium mage
Aaron as Tarnaal librarian / Consortium mage
Angelica as Tarnaal citizen / Consortium mage
Ed as Tarnaal citizen
Mike Cuccaro as Mik the Quick


Colleen Russell as Talon #1
Ingrid as Talon #2
Mike Cuccaro as Talon #3
Phil as Talon #4
Dave (Robin) as patron #1

ABANDONED TAVERN - wilds of Icara

Chris T as bounty hunter #1
Lance Menthe as bounty hunter #2
Mike Cuccaro as bounty hunter #3
Ingrid as Acolyte of Vorak #1
Phil as Acolyte of Vorak #2

THE BROKEN KEG - Elan, Akkoria

Ingrid as Brendina, debating mage
Lance Menthe as Wistan, debating mage
Dave (Robin) as bodyguard

THE GOLDEN MAIDEN - Kura’stan, Quivera

Ingrid as Prostitute #1

THE IRON KASQUE - Greyspire, Gesnor

Chris T as Borsa, a bear beastman
Lance Menthe as Skaera, a rat beastman
Mike Cuccaro as Mundt, a pig beastman
Ingrid as soothsayer #1

REQUIEM LODGE - Celira, Lindora

Chris T as Colin, a mercenary
Lance Menthe as Reen, a mercenary
Mike Cuccaro as Mason, a mercenary
Angelica as Floozie #1
Colleen Russell as Harlot #1
Haleanna as Floozie #2
Ingrid as silly Harlot #2


Colleen Russell as Sailor #1
Ed as Sailor #2
Haleanna as Sailor #3
Dave (Robin) as Sailor #4

SCARLET’S MOON - western Rynith

Chris T as Marken, a flunky
Angelica as Rynith guard #1
Haleanna as Rynith guard #2
Ingrid deBeus as Rynith guard #3
Phil Loicano as Rynith guard #4
Dave (Robin) as Rynith guard #5

THE SHROUD & LAMP - outskirts of Nost’Kare

Chris T as Sarius, a slaver #1
Mike Cuccaro as slaver #2
Dave (Robin) as auctioneer
Ed as bidder #1
Lance Menthe as bidder #2
Angelica as slave #1
Colleen Russell as slave #2
Ingrid as slave #3

THE DRUNKEN DRUM - northern Halgudar

Angelica as Halgudar soldier #1
Colleen Russell as Halgudar soldier #2
Ed as Halgudar soldier #3
Ingrid as Halgudar soldier #4
Phil as Halgudar soldier #5
Dave (Robin) as Halgudar soldier #6

L’OMBRE DU MUR - Gallura, on the border of Brildor

Colleen Russell as salty sailor
Lance Menthe as drunk sailor

INN OF TWO CATS - rural Palrim

Lance Menthe as drunk patron #1
Mike Cuccaro as drunk patron #2
Phil as drunk patron #3

FOOT O’THE MOUNTAIN PUB - Kiranu, Chalter Medrium

Colleen Russell as patron #1
Ingrid as soldier
Lance Menthe as drunk patron #1
Mike Cuccaro as drunk patron #2
Dave (Robin) as patron #2