Hello friends and welcome to the Campaign Wiki! This wiki should allow us to keep the Stories, Lands, History, Rules and Records of the game we love up to date by letting all of us contribute when and if we have the time and gumption. Pretty much everything here is editable, you just have to poke around and do what you think is appropriate. A relatively small group has worked up where is here so far and we would love to have more contributors! If nothing else, this is a great spot to research for games or characters, as the search feature is robust indeed.

If you are new to Campaign, have been on a couple of games or are a long time player, please check out the handbook. It has terrific information on creating new characters, updating the histories of characters long left in the closet and some missing pieces that need to be filled in. In addition, since the world of Campaign depends on storytellers of all kinds, the handbook may set off a spark in your imagination leading to new tales for us to participate in.

If you are unsure about any information within the handbook, or you need to ask a question about your character or character creation, just post something in a discussion tab here on the site, others will join in to lend a hand.

Campaign also can not grow and change without your input. If you have questions or concerns about what has happened on game here is where you want to discuss it.

If you are new to the site, feel free to browse! Nothing is restricted! We'll add you as a member once you've got a few games under your belt. Once one of us approves you (only a formality), you will be all set to add and edit.

Vivat Campaign!

Big New Stuff

2013 -Directions has been updated with Crystal Lake Recreational Area, plus Google map of all the game sites!

Games games games

See more info on the Upcoming Games page.

The pirate party promises to take place sometime this year, there's talk of Westerns and Star Wars day events, and we've gotten almost all of the Campaign props consolidated into one convenient storage area.

A new page has been added to the side bar navigation.

Hall of Travelers Board added! Since we no longer have the IC Forums, we can now post HoT postings and rumors here, sorted by lands!

The page is a Lost and Found for Game stuff. Every game some item ends up stowing away in the wrong vehicle and ending up at the wrong home. It is just the chaotic nature of the game. Check it out, something of yours might be found and you don't even know it!

Things that could use updating:

  • A Place Between the Pages on the Past Games page
  • Rynith, Old Halgudar, Urth/Lindora, Dakkor
  • Missing or empty Orders
  • The Characters section could use more entries!
  • Anyone with good unique props for others to use during games should add to the Storage & Supplies.
  • Any text written for in-game props, journals, letters, etc. should be added somewhere if and when people feel like it.
  • It would be great to see the GM's of long-arc storylines from our past doing a page of synopsis of the story. TCC and Requiem jump to mind.
  • Rules details for the Summoner mage class (currently in-progress - Devin)